Jogging around the Inn !

by Kazu

A few accommodations are available in Rishiri-Fuji Town and Rishiri Town on Rishiri Island in winter.
This is one of the comfy inn a little bit away from the Oshidomari Port of Rishiri-Fuji Town.
After I unpacked my luggage, I jogged around the inn located at the northern end of the island. So-called magic hour was closed and something like a monochrome scenery welcomed me with a chilly breeze.
Fisherman's houses, their warehouses and many lookouts were along the road.
I did not expect such weather on the island in spring but that made me appreciate what the island provided us in the season.
This is the small bathroom filled with the hot spring water delivered by the municipality.
The dinner that entertained me in the evening is shown below.

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