What a beautiful day !

by Kazu

Something is happening on the street in front of  the old office building of Hokkaido Government called "Aka-Renga" in Japanese that means "The Red-Brick".    
 The Fire Department of Sapporo City has a brass band and it played some tunes on the street today. It was so nice to listen to the music under the blue sky.
This street is also between the newly opened building "Akarenga Terrace" and "Nihon Seimei Sapporo Building".
"Nihonseimei Building Sapporo" has a very nice ice cream shop run by GODIVA" I chose vanilla.
 My wife chose "Double Chocolate".
I dropped by "Ohdohri Park" to take some photos of annual "Lilac Festival".
 Sapporo Orchestra also played some tunes near the Culinary Delights Corner of the festival. You can savor the very best of the culinary delicacy sourced in Hokkaido until tomorrow.

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