Fishery of Rishiri Island !

by Kazu

The boat and tools for sea urchin or kelp licking was displayed in the museum of Rishiri Town. It seemed to be so small for fishing on the ocean.
 This id the model of Kita-Murasaki (Northern Violet) sea urchin picking. The fisherman seemed to be operating oar with his foot, looking into the ocean through the  mask and picking up urchin.
Ezo-bafun(Horse-dung) sea urchin is estimated more delicious than Kita-Murasaki sea urchin.
It seemed harder for me to pick up sea urchin by operating the oar and spear-like bar than by diving into the ocean and picking up with my hands.
Kelp picking may be much harder than sea urchin picking because much heavier kelp should be picked up for earning the same money as sea urchin picking.

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