Art on the wall !

by Kazu

Above is the sign of the ingredients of the hot spring water and not art. But the hot spring water itself is like the art of healing.
Some open works with the taste of the indigenous people of Hokkaido Ainu were displayed on the wall of the hotel "Tsuruga Moku-no-Shou".
The boob tube was set under the open work in the guest room.  The fruits of pine trees were displayed on the tray. It is not the art but the mind of entertain the guests is crucial to run the hotels.


Orchestra in the woods !

by Kazu

All the sounds of the forest were reflected and concentrated to the point above the hot spring bath. You can enjoy the silence and subtle sounds of insects with birds chirping.
The hot spring bath inside can be seen a little bit from outside. The outside bath in the sunshine may be the symbol of luxurious time. Nobody was there other than me.
I think the capacity of the hotel is the best to savor enough the quality time with your family or be-loved. Sit back and stretch your legs in the hotel. You can look into yourself amply like a meditation.


Bath Time in the woods !

by Kazu

Male cicadas were burning their lives by making the sounds to attract and fascinate their would-be their partners. Their season of love is very short.
 Listening to the sounds made by cicadas in the woods, this space is special without noisy creatures speaking too loudly. So far so nice.
This premises is surrounded by trees and this red bricks. This wall collects the subtle sounds of the nature and gives us so nice background  music. But please be careful. Black fly or gnat may bite you.


Bath time 2 !

by Kazu

Above is the Sauna room of the hotel "Tsuruga Moku-no-Shou". Outside bath is onthe left. Comparatively, the temperature of outside bath is hotter than inside.
A few guests were there during my meditation in the bath. Only the sound of river flow and winds, birds' chirping could be heard in the woods.
So nice luxury space and time were there in the woods. Please try to recharge your battery in this calm space for people of good manner.


Bath time !

by Kazu

It seems that the concept of the hotel "Tsuruga Moku-no-Shou" is a hidden luxury space for matured people. The scale is not so huge but enough space is allocated for each guest room.
 Its hot spring bath is filled up with the nice aroma of wood and slight sulfur smell. The sound of water flow is continuing to relax us well.
Non existence of other guests makes the space something solemn prestigious. Please soak your body in the bath so calmly.Everything in the space satisfies you enough and makes you so happy.


What if you stayed in the hotel ?

by Kazu

For hoteliers, it is preferable to fill up their accommodation facility with high-end guests from all over the world. But the calmness and something solemn may be big draws for us visitors.
Wood carvings in the hotel were so cute and inspiring as if they were blowing winds in our souls. They had very nice aroma and made the guests so comfortable.
Initial investment to establish this hotel might have been so high but the hotelier might have already established a good relationship with the artist who had made them, that is great.


Foot-bath together !

by Kazu

Can you find the deck on the front side of the hotel "Tsuruga Moku-no-shou"? This foot bath was equipped on the riverside of the deck.
I could easily imagine that warming up our feet in the foot bath with sipping of drinks were so relaxing and would take us to another world of pleasure.
The tables in front of us must be for the cocktails or something guest's favorite during feet-bathing.
So sorry for the feet of old fogies.


Arts in the hotel "Tsuruga Moku-no-Shou" !

 by Kazu

Accessories were sold in the souvenir shop of the  hotel "Tsuruga Moku-no-Shou". The design was so cool and not so expensive. As mementos of their visit, they may be appropriate.
 This is also the wood carving of Ezo Blakiston's fish-owl with closed wings. You can see this kind of huge owl only in the eastern part of Hokkaido.
The logs for the fireplace were put in the shelves near the fireplace at the center of lobby room. A foot-bath was on the deck. You can see the small waterfall and river-flow from the foot-bath.  


Strolling around "Tsuruga Moku-no-Shou" 2 !

by Kazu

To reach the premises of the hotel  "Tsuruga Moku-no-Shou", you have to come down the slope from the national route and go across the bridge on the white river.
 The appearance of the hotel was like that of shrine or warehouse of old temple. The design seemed to strike a nice balance between the forest and facilities inside accommodation.
The white river was keep flowing through the trees and grasses and make comfortable sounds that ease the pain of our body and soul. Male cicadas were burning their lives and making their own sounds to invite females.

Interiors of "Tsuruga Moku-no-Shou"

by Kazu

This is the entrance of the hotel.  The design was the traditional pattern of the indigenous people of Hokkaido Ainu.
 Each family of Ainu has their own pattern of textile. The doors were colored with gold and brown. They made an exotic contrast with the black openwork.
Many wood carvings were displayed in the hotel. Above is the sculpture of  Ezo Blakiston's fish-owl half-opening the wings. I am not sure the cost of those carvings but they were the "must" to create this space with atmosphere.