Wrap up the meat special dinner !

by Kazu

These are the chopsticks-rest with the shape of a Chinese character which means meat. "Niku" in Japanese pronunciation. They are used in all the restaurant of the group.
These are from the most precious part of beef. I recognized that the chef had a high degrees of skill to extract the very best of the meat and make up this works of art.
It was very soft and melted on our tongue. This taste seemed to be a big draw of the restaurant chain. The wonderful dinner was wrapped up with "Tamagokake Gohan" and curry rice. In Japan, raw egg is eatable without the risk of disease and makes a special dish with quality steamed rice. Please visit Hokkaido and try that !


Meat Special with Potatoes !

by Kazu

My wife and I were so surprised at the sewwtness of the grilled potato with butter. Between the variety of grilled meat, the carbo hydrate had a pecial meaning. Have you ever seen the potato of such yellow ?
Grilled lamb chops followed the potato.The degree of grilling extracted the most of the delciousness from the quality lamb meat.
It had been already flavored with the special sauce of the restaurant's original Japanese, I think. No negative smell of the meat could not be felt. Just the yum aroma and  taste made us so happy. 


Meat Special 2 !

by Kazu

The original sausage of the restaurant wa so thick and well-arranged. The taste was also nice and made a best much with chile pepper. The matre-D kindly recommended how to use three kinds of the spice.
Grilled pork grabed our heart and stomach. The sweet fat part was peculiar to the quality pork. It's a pity that muslim people can't share this happiness with us.
Speaking of beef, I prefer the red meat of beef to marbling fatty beef peculiar to Japanese high-quality beef. It is risky to have fatty meat every day for human beings. The history of eating meat is longer in occidental countries than Japan. This dish was a kind of art of quisine.


Meat Special !

by Kazu

My wife and I had a nice dinner in "Nikuyama" which means "Meat Mountain" in Japanese. The starter was meatloaf. Chile mustard, citrus pepper, fermented soybeans paste with chopped red-meat red chile were provided as spices. Hot spicy pickled Chinese letus and mini tomatoes accompanied.
Original sausage and ham of the restaurant and grilled Japanese mushroom followed. It is a little bit difficult to make a reservation in the restaurant but many couples filled up the table.
It may be the good way to use this restaurant to allure females. "Nikuyama" is the restaurant chain nation-wide. The URL of the restaurant is


Sapporo Snow Festival and Gangs !

by Kazu

In Sapporo Snow Festival 2019,  the snow statue of Helsinki Cathedral made by the Self Defence Force of Hokkaido and sponcered by HBC, Hokkaido Broadcasting Company was the most popular because other company placed so high premium to projection mapping that the snow statues were comparatively flat to perform as a kind of screen for projection mapping.
My friends also enjoyed the snow festival this year.


Sapporo Snow Festival !

by Kazu

This is the first lunch I had in Sapporo after coming back from Alaska. The lunch combo composed of fried prawn, hamburger and macaroni cheese gratin with onion soup was our choice.
The name of the restaurant is ?????
The most popular snow statue in Sapporo Snow Festival 2019 was Helsinki Cathedoral of Finland.


Back to Sapporo from Alaska !

by Kazu

I am not sure if railway manias love such photos of railway-related facility or not but speaking of my wife who is one of the enthusiastic railway manias in the alumni of Sapporo Minami High School she graduated.
After coming back to Sapporo from Alaska, I found a huge snowmen of typical Japanese style. They were displayed in front of the entrance of Kaderu 2.7, conference center adjacent to the office building of Hokkaido Prefectural Government. Pretty ?


Alaska Railway Station in Anchorage 2 !

by Kazu

I could not find the platform in front of the current Alaska Railway Station. It seemd that movable flight of steps were used to take and get off the train. The backside of the building seemed to be almost flat.
I have to correct the name of the railway company. The Alaska Railroad Company is the official name.It was established in early 1900's. Russia sold Alaska to the United Staes for 7.2 million US Dollarsincluding the debt of Russia/America Company and the compensation for its sales on March 23,1867.
It means 2 cents or below per one acre. The deal was cut by the representative of Russia Mr. Stickle and that of the United States Mr. Seward. It sounds very cheap but Mr. Seward was citicized by the nation because 7.2 million Dollars accounted for two thirds of the national budget of the US. 


Alaska Railway Station in Anchorage !

by Kazu

This is the new Alaska Railway Station in Anchorage. The inside is still being under works. The humble plain building of the station may be difficult to find in blizzard.
The current station building was in silence on that day. I could not imagine the situation when the weekly train arrives in the station.
The original locomotive of Alaska Railway was displayed in front of the station building. It was very small. The current huge locomotive is so powerful and seems so reliable.


Alaska Statehood Monument !

by Kazu

This is the Eisenhower Alaska Statehood Monument beside the road from the downtown to the Alaska Railway Station in Anchorage.The railway station is lower than the downtown.
This is the Alaska railway used once a week. At the end of the railway, there is the former station building of Alaska Railway.
The former station building is currently used as an office building for rent. The Alaska Railroad Corporation building is colored brick red.as below.


Waterfront of Anchorage !

by Kazu

I went down to the waterfront from the lookout located at the west end of the downtown. I savored the landscape of the area enough before our departure.
When I visited Anchorage last July to take part in the memorial service for the deceased on Attu Island in World War Ⅱ, the landscape was greener and filled with vigor.
The statue of Captain Thomas Cook was wearing white frill around its neck. I was wondering if the citizens of Alaska had a habit to visit southern coral islands or Florida like Canadian people or not. Winter depression is a serious problem in northern area.