Sirogane Valley !

 by Kazu

I love the works of human beings in the nature world. It may be a kind of art and the builders and the designer may intend to make harmony with the scenery of the nature.
 The orange part of the rock cliff shows the ingredients of the water flow. It seemed to contain iron.
I have not seen the white river kayaking on this river flow but my friend Norm in Ottawa may want to try the river. 


Shirogane Onsen Village !

by Kazu

We left the roadside station of Biei Town and headed to Shirogane Hot Spring Village at the foot of Mt Tokachidake. A beautifully-designed bridge connected the national road and the trail.
The arch made of iron seemed to make the way to the blue sky and white clouds.
This is the bridge to see the waterfall over the small white river. White lines of the waterfall could be seen from the bridge as below.


Roadside Station of Biei Town 2 !

by Kazu

The roadside station of Biei Town near "the blue pond" is made of ferro-concrete, stones and wood. The deck could be used for a variety of events near the building.
The well-trimmed and well-maintained garden may give the tourists a comfort and a rest in the area.   
It is a little bit far from the downtown of Biei but trekking around the park seemed to be so comfortable. Camping site was near the place.


Roadside Station in Biei Town !

by Kazu

The rain fall and the clouds were going away rapidly ahead of us heading to the north. The surface of the road was dry when we were passing by.
A roadside station appeared on our left hand side of the road. It was like a church ij the woods.
Barrier-free is the "must" nowadays but even the slope for the wheelchairs may be tough for wheelchair-riders in winter.


"Biei Senka" in Biei Town 3 !

 by Kazu

Quality sweets are sold in the stand of "Biei Senka" in Biei Town. Dairy foods, cakes, puddings, you name it. Long drive requires some breaks for safety.
 "Biei Senka" must be one of the point to drop by to have a rest. After enough refreshing, safe driving is promised but please do not eat too much. That may make you sleepy.
After savoring some of the sweets there, we headed to next destination on that day.


Strolling around Mt. Tokachidake !

by Kazu

The clouds were turning brighter and the blue sky appeared above us as if showing the way to progress.
 The border of raining area and the one under the sunshine was so clear. We could feel dynamism of the nature in the small hollow.
 We dropped by a small bakery that had so nice tiny well-trimmed garden in Biei Town.

Biei Senka in Biei Town 2 !

by Kazu

Beautiful red roses were displayed so nicely in the simply-designed building of "Biei Senka".
 So sophisticated arrangement of the furniture and other items give the tourists  a comfort on their way to the destiny on the day.
This is the entrance of the restaurant in the building of "Biei Senka". It takes enough space for the guests who are eager to savor enough the high-end dishes made of veggies sourced locally.


Biei Senka !

 by Kazu

Above is the out look of the cozy log-house cafe La Malta in Biei Town. We left the cafe and headed to "Biei Senka" where so many kinds of quality produces and products were sold.
 Do you like asparagus ? You can eat special ones in the marche as well as other kind of veggies and ice cream.
 This show case seemed to mean that all the veggies and products were sourced locally. "Biei Senka" also has a branch shop in New Chitose International Airport. Do you know that ?


The Big Draw of the Cafe in Biei Town!

 by Kazu

One of the big draw of the cozy cafe in Biei Town was a salad bowl in a huge bread shaped like a face of bear. Females might say "Pretty !" and take photos for updating their SNS.
I think that a hamburger was on the veggies and creamy sauce was on them. It may be to  much for a female and should be shared by a couple.
The bread played the role as a bowl and soaked the sauce and gravy enough. I think the parts of "ears" may have to be eaten at first.


La Malta in Biei Town !

by Kazu

I heard that the big draw of the cafe in the residential area of Biei Town was a unique dish with special sauce.
I looked for the big draw of the cafe on the menu.So many kinds of dishes were on the menu for this size of restaurant.
The log-house restaurant seemed to be so popular for the tourists. A salad bowl was one of the big draws of the restaurant as shown below.