Consulate-General of the United States Arranged the Seminar !

by Kazu

The monthly event of consulate-General of the United States was held in American Corner of Sapporo International Plaza on February 20(Thu.) .
The theme was "The history of African American people that can be learned from the movie film "Tears of the Butler for the President."
I was struck by the word "house negro" and "field negro" categorized by Malcom X.
Professor Katsuyuki Murata deliver the speech on the history and the story of the movie film. I asked him why the racists killed the African Americans and what satisfied the racist by such behavior. Based on his answer, the racists seemed to be so afraid of the physical power of African Americans and the good relationship between their wives and the African Americans. Even after the experiences of tragedy and the sad story of African Americans with Caucasians, they are the family in the American society, different from Asians and Hispanics the will outstrip the number of both people, I think.  

Binge Drinking with Youngsters for Birthday !

by Kazu

It was a pity that I could not have enough time to talk with young staff members in my office because I was too busy to have such occasion so often.
If I could pick up the tab for every binge drinking with the youngsters, I could have given a good try to more projects that was beneficial to Sorachi sub-prefectural area and other area of Hokkaido.  
 Different from us "old foggy" people, they have much more possibility to make the vision real if they could exert an enough effort for that.

We should carefully listen to them talking on their lives, dreams and visions and if possible, give them indications and suggestions.  

Before finding their own value and the way to step forward, the working load and house chores on their shoulder may annoy them and wear them down. They need the light of hope and a mentor.  
Ms. Wakai was the protagonist on that day. I was not sure how old she was at that moment but she will get more ability and power in coming five years.  
Let us propose a toast to their future filled with delights and prosperity !


For the coalmine area in Sorachi !

by Kazu

As I posted before, Sorachi sub-prefectural area was in full flourish with coalmine industry that contributed to the prosperity of Japanese economy before and after  the World War .Ⅱ
 Needless to say, Sapporo City was also benefited from the coalmine industry in Sorachi and railway transportation system that was built to carry the coal from Sorachi to the Port Otaru because the railway had to go through Iwamizawa City and Sapporo City.  
It can be said that Iwamizawa City had grown without nurturing a certain kind of industry because it was also benefited from the coalmine industry and the transportation systems.
Sponsored by Sorachi Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government, the seminar on the history of Sapporo City and Sorachi sub-prefectural area was held from February 18(Wed.) to 25(Tue.) in Sapporo City.
On February 18 (Tue.) , about thirty people took part in the seminar and attracted by the talk by Professor Takahiro Yoshioka of Sapporo International College who was born in Mikasa City of Sorachi.
  The audience could listen to the talk by Professor Yaoshioka drinking beer, wine or whisky.

It is required to allure the people to the history of former and current coalmine producing area and to make the most of the natural source by gasifying the coal layer or extracting coal bed methane in the layer.
It will take time but a company is being established to carry out this project in Yubari City.

Geo-park in Mikasa City !

 by Kazu

Mikasa Geo-park Promotion Seminar will be held in the city hall of Mikasa City on March 20(Thu.) in order to acknowledge the citizens of the city and adjacent area about "Geo-park".
It will start on six o'clock.

The keynote speech will be delivered by the president of Japan Geo-park Network Mr. Seiich Saito and he will talk about the objectives of the geo-park activities.

The active players in geo-park movement from Lake Toya and Mt.Usu area, Mt. Apoi area, Shirataki area, Tokachi Shikaoi area in Hokkaido will get together and talk about their efforts exerted  to invite tourists and students and play up the existence of their treasure.
The details are at http://www.city.mikasa.hokkaido.jp/hotnews/files/00003200/00003275/20140218085752.pdf
but written in Japanese.


Walking around in Yubari City !

by Kazu

A guidebook of Yubari City was issued and the name is "Yubari Sanpo" which means "A stroll in Yubari "in Japanese.
Please give a good try to visit
but it is written in Japanese only.

The party was wrapped up in enthusiasm !

by Kazu

The member of Hokkaido Legislature Mr. Ataru Muraki who was elected from the constituency of Iwamizawa City gave the wrap-up speech and proposed a toast.
During his speech, the photos of the friendship association member was printed to deliver after the party.
I hope the movement will not plateau in the future and will bring the enough profits to this area as well as Taiwan.
 Mr. Chen and his wife were invited to stand on the stage and prayed for the prosperity of each area.
Please copy your favorite photos from this site !
The historical night was closed with the toast by one hundred people.
 All for the people in Taiwan and Sorachi !
 Cheers !
They did chug-a-lug !


Hokkaido Sorachi Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association was established 4 !

by Kazu

Directer-General for Sorachi sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido Mr. Yasunori Yamane. delivered the speech at the beginning of the feast.
Mr. Yamane himself was surprised at the speed of the establishment of the friendship association and the number of the people who wanted to take part in the association albeit he asked me to organize the association as soon as possible in his mandate.

That is why, he was so pleased and satisfied with the scenery of the party and audience to celebrate the establishment of the association but he was struck by flu after this party.

From the left, the chair of Chambers of Commerce and Industry Mr. Kaku Igarashi, the vice chair Mr. Youji Tajima, the member of Hokkaido Legislature Mr. Isao Tsurube and Mr. Ataru Muraki.
 From the right, the CEO of Yoshizumi Company Mr. Atsuo Yoshizumi who is already forming the route to Taiwan to export te rice cultivated in Sorachi including Numata Town headed by Mr. Yoshinori Kanehira next to him.
The mayor of Chippibetsu Town Mr. Takeshi Kamiyabu is at the center. Over the flags of Taiwan and Japan is the mayor of Takikawa City Mr. Kohkichi Maeda and the mayor of Bibai City Mr. Mikio Takahashi is on the left.
Some participants shout out "Banzai, Banzai" standing up from the seats.
Basically, this association will be the stage for matching businesses with Taiwan. Every participant was so busy to exchange their business card each other.
 The board members of chambers of commerce and industry were so active in the party.
I  was so surprised that the businessmen in Sorachi were so interested in the relationship with Taiwan and the business chances.
 The tourism associations in Sorachi also took part in the friendship association to invite Taiwanese people and organize the logistics for the tourists who enjoy cycling in the area.
I am convinced that Mr. Shimada, the director-general of Takikawa Tourism Association will play the key role in this friendship group.
The chairs of the chambers of commerce and industry in Sorachi go together seeking for the seeds of business chance to deliver the information to each member companies.
From the left, the vice mayor of Naganuma Town, Mr. Masahiro Hirooka, the mayor of Hokuryu Town Mr. Yutaka Sano, the mayor of kuriyama Town Mr. Noriaki Tsubakihara, the mayor of Bibai City Mr. Mikio Takahashi and the mayor of Takikawa City Mr. Kohkichi Maeda. I hope they will take part in the delegation from Sorachi to Taiwan in the not-so-distanced future.

Hokkaido Sorachi Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association was established 3 !

by Kazu

To the members of  Hokkaido Sorachi Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association and the participants to the celebration:
Please copy your favorite photo from this series of photos taken on February 17(Mon.).

Mr. Kitazawa, The CEO of Hokuei Inc. headquartered in Iwamizawa City announced the start of the party thrown for celebrating the establishment. He devotes himself to the friendship between Taiwan and Sorachi as he had stayed in Taipei from 1986 to 1990 when he had worked for Japanese trading company.
 Mr. Kitazawa will work as the organizer of the steering committee and visit Taipei with us on March 18(Tue.), 19(Wed.), 20(Thu.) and 21(Fri.) to strengthen the economic relationship between Sorachi and Taiwan.
Everybody seemed to be pleased with the establishment of the friendship association and to expect to be involved in the movement and business chances.
The chair of Iwamizawa Chambers of Commerce and Industry Mr. Igarashi and his deputy Mr. Tajima who assumed the chair of the friendship association talked with Mr. Chen and his wife about the future and the delegation to Taiwan that would be dispatched in March.
Mr. Tsurube and Mr. Muraki, the members of Hokkaido Legislature also talked about the current situation of Taiwan and Japan.
 They were listening to the opening speech delivered by Mr. Kitazawa.
Let's get the party started !