Consulate-General of the United States Arranged the Seminar !

by Kazu

The monthly event of consulate-General of the United States was held in American Corner of Sapporo International Plaza on February 20(Thu.) .
The theme was "The history of African American people that can be learned from the movie film "Tears of the Butler for the President."
I was struck by the word "house negro" and "field negro" categorized by Malcom X.
Professor Katsuyuki Murata deliver the speech on the history and the story of the movie film. I asked him why the racists killed the African Americans and what satisfied the racist by such behavior. Based on his answer, the racists seemed to be so afraid of the physical power of African Americans and the good relationship between their wives and the African Americans. Even after the experiences of tragedy and the sad story of African Americans with Caucasians, they are the family in the American society, different from Asians and Hispanics the will outstrip the number of both people, I think.  

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