Hokkaido Sorachi Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association was established 2 !

by Kazu

Mr. Chen, the head of the delegation from Taiwanese Government to Sapporo extended his appreciation and  congratulations to the members of the friendship group.
After the meeting was wrapped up, Mr. Chen gave the audience the lecture on Japan-Taiwan relationship and Taiwanese economy.
Taiwanese businessmen are so good at dealing with the people on the continent and in south east Asia that they will play a key role for the people in Sorachi to success and make profits in those area.

It can be said that Mr. Chen will be the first person to bring profits to Sorachi as well as Taiwan by matching the needs of both area.
After the lecture by Mr. Chen, a celebration was held in the next room in Sun Plaza Hotel in Iwamizawa City.
As the participants to the party were much more than expected, the party room was filled with the seats and tables. Totally, 10 tables and 100 seats were prepared for the ceremony.  
As "Hokkaido Sorachi" in Chinese characters are pronounced "Pei Hai Tao Kuh Chii" in Chinese, I hope it will be the famous brand name popular to Taiwanese people.
The relationship between Taiwanese people and the citizens in Sorachi will bring the second prosperity to Sorachi and Hokkaido in the near future.

The steering committee of the friendship group and the members of Hokkaido Legislature took photos of them as the memento of the establishment of the association.
To be continued.

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