Hokkaido Sorachi Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association was established 4 !

by Kazu

Directer-General for Sorachi sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido Mr. Yasunori Yamane. delivered the speech at the beginning of the feast.
Mr. Yamane himself was surprised at the speed of the establishment of the friendship association and the number of the people who wanted to take part in the association albeit he asked me to organize the association as soon as possible in his mandate.

That is why, he was so pleased and satisfied with the scenery of the party and audience to celebrate the establishment of the association but he was struck by flu after this party.

From the left, the chair of Chambers of Commerce and Industry Mr. Kaku Igarashi, the vice chair Mr. Youji Tajima, the member of Hokkaido Legislature Mr. Isao Tsurube and Mr. Ataru Muraki.
 From the right, the CEO of Yoshizumi Company Mr. Atsuo Yoshizumi who is already forming the route to Taiwan to export te rice cultivated in Sorachi including Numata Town headed by Mr. Yoshinori Kanehira next to him.
The mayor of Chippibetsu Town Mr. Takeshi Kamiyabu is at the center. Over the flags of Taiwan and Japan is the mayor of Takikawa City Mr. Kohkichi Maeda and the mayor of Bibai City Mr. Mikio Takahashi is on the left.
Some participants shout out "Banzai, Banzai" standing up from the seats.
Basically, this association will be the stage for matching businesses with Taiwan. Every participant was so busy to exchange their business card each other.
 The board members of chambers of commerce and industry were so active in the party.
I  was so surprised that the businessmen in Sorachi were so interested in the relationship with Taiwan and the business chances.
 The tourism associations in Sorachi also took part in the friendship association to invite Taiwanese people and organize the logistics for the tourists who enjoy cycling in the area.
I am convinced that Mr. Shimada, the director-general of Takikawa Tourism Association will play the key role in this friendship group.
The chairs of the chambers of commerce and industry in Sorachi go together seeking for the seeds of business chance to deliver the information to each member companies.
From the left, the vice mayor of Naganuma Town, Mr. Masahiro Hirooka, the mayor of Hokuryu Town Mr. Yutaka Sano, the mayor of kuriyama Town Mr. Noriaki Tsubakihara, the mayor of Bibai City Mr. Mikio Takahashi and the mayor of Takikawa City Mr. Kohkichi Maeda. I hope they will take part in the delegation from Sorachi to Taiwan in the not-so-distanced future.

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