People in Abashiri waiting for the floating ices on the sea !

Articles by Kazu

Photos by Okhotsk Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government

The northern blue sky over Okhotsk Ocean is so nice and clear, isn't it ?
The blue ocean over the railway is Okhotsk Ocean. The water is so cold and the floating ices are coming soon.
This ship is for approaching floating ices offshore of Abashiri City. When I took it and saw the floating ices with my wife before, as my wife imagined huge icebergs on the sea, she seemed to be discouraged so much.
Praying for the safe winter tourism and the early arrival of floating ices, approximately 120 people from the municipalities in the area and the tourism-related entities got together and conducted the ceremony.
Japanese Shinto prayer announced the incantation in front of the audience.
 This mascot character of Abashiri City is called "Nipone"that is the namesake of the traditional craft dolls "Nipopo"made by the indigenous people of Hokkaido "Ainu".
This character is "Floating Ice Patara, Ms. Misaki Notori". Patara means "girl" in the language of Ainu. Ms. Misaki Notori is the namesake of Cape Notori in Abashiri City. Misaki means cape in Japanese.
 So many people are eager to see the floating ices on the sea but once the ices reach the coast, the temperature nosedives so much.
The ship is in service from January 20 to March 31.
The image character seemed to be stuffed with a female and I am very concerned about the coldness she has to bear in the events of variety.

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