For the coalmine area in Sorachi !

by Kazu

As I posted before, Sorachi sub-prefectural area was in full flourish with coalmine industry that contributed to the prosperity of Japanese economy before and after  the World War .Ⅱ
 Needless to say, Sapporo City was also benefited from the coalmine industry in Sorachi and railway transportation system that was built to carry the coal from Sorachi to the Port Otaru because the railway had to go through Iwamizawa City and Sapporo City.  
It can be said that Iwamizawa City had grown without nurturing a certain kind of industry because it was also benefited from the coalmine industry and the transportation systems.
Sponsored by Sorachi Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government, the seminar on the history of Sapporo City and Sorachi sub-prefectural area was held from February 18(Wed.) to 25(Tue.) in Sapporo City.
On February 18 (Tue.) , about thirty people took part in the seminar and attracted by the talk by Professor Takahiro Yoshioka of Sapporo International College who was born in Mikasa City of Sorachi.
  The audience could listen to the talk by Professor Yaoshioka drinking beer, wine or whisky.

It is required to allure the people to the history of former and current coalmine producing area and to make the most of the natural source by gasifying the coal layer or extracting coal bed methane in the layer.
It will take time but a company is being established to carry out this project in Yubari City.

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