Lupicia to Yukichichibu Hot Spring Spa !

by Kazu

I am so sorry for the not-focused photo of the grilled king salmon we had in the restaurant LUPICIA in Kutchan on that day. We could choose curry, spaghetti bolognese other than the dishes we chose.
We reached the yum dessert with the enough space for the sweets in our stomach. The creme brulee contained steamed  & strained pumpkin. It was allowed for guests to savor the sweets and starters as much as we could have but it was so risky to have, contemplating the fascinating dessert.
Different from the scenery filled with green, the restaurant showed us the contrast of white and red. We ate up to ears and headed to the newly opened hot spring bath, Yukichichibu where I took Korean ladies two month ago.


LUPICIA Feast !!

by Kazu

The starter of our lunch on that day was so satisfying but you may be confused a little bit by the black stone plate that you should use as a dish. Please do not serve to much.  
As the crisp bread were so nice, tasty and energizing that I had a little bit too much. The grilled pork, potatoes and mushed potatoes with herb with gravy sauce struck me with their harmony. You may be surprised with the feeling in your mouth so much.  
Needless to say, my wife and I shared each dish and the taste. We gave comments on the dishes each other and savored the same happiness.
Another main dish was sauteed king salmon. The peculiar aroma of king salmon spread in our mouth.

LUPICIA in winter 2!

by Kazu

When I posted the photos of this restaurant before in summer, it was impossible to take photos as much as I could because many visitors were savoring their lunch there.
 This time, nobody was in the guest's area and I could introduce the perspective of this restaurant. When this area is full of the guests, the balcony can be used but in winter, the option might not be so popular albeit the it was equipped with jet-heaters and the plastic shield.
My favorite of the day was this lemon cream pie. The crisp pie was so nice that I had four pieces of the pie.  I could pick up a variety of the starters to be put on the black stone plate set on the table.


LUPICIA in winter !

by Kazu

Without a reservation, we can not savor the quality foods sourced locally in the restaurant.
I introduced this restaurant near the ski resort in NISEKO before.
The name is LUPICIA that has the branch shop in PASEO area under the Sapporo Railway Station.  
 It was minus 10 degree outside today. Precisely speaking, this is in Kutchan Town where the Sub-prefctural Office of Hokkaido Government exists.
My wife and I were the first guests today. I could take photos as much as I wanted before other guests came into the restaurant. So many Australians were enjoying skiing in Niseko Area today, so the restaurant was not the watering hole at noon;)


Hokkaido Garden Show !

by Kazu

Remembering last summer, I think that I did not expected such busy days this year. Without summer nor winter vacation, I am not sure how much I contributed to the benefit of the people living in Hokkaido.  
But I am sure I helped my staffers who were annoyed by irrational and hectic order from top brasses of our organization.
These beautiful photos and memories can refresh me so much.
The memories were strongly associated with the aroma of the fields and winds. Please have a nice holidays and a happy new year !


Fratello di MIKUNI in Taisetsu Gerden !

 by Kazu

What do you think of the design of the building on the green ?
The opposite side of the entrance, it has a beautiful landscape with the skylines of Taisetsu Mountains.
 You need a reservation to savor the lunch and dinner. The brand name of Mikuni was established by one of the most famous chef in Japan, Mr. Mikuni who was born in Mashike Town on the west coast of Hokkaido Island.
I heard that the Taisetsu Garden was a little bit damaged by the heavy rainfall and wind but many people visit the garden away from the City of Asahikawa. It may be difficult to find the way to the garden. GPS may be so helpful for the first comers to Hokkaido.


Pure Water created by Mt.Asahi(dake) !

by Kazu

This is the fountain at the foot of Mt. Asahi(dake). A variety of minerals were contained in the water.

Many visitors bring large pet bottles or tank to carry this water. It is not obliged to pay money to the authority but in order to preserve this wonderful scenery and water, some donation is recommended on the poster.
We visited Hokkaido Garden near the "Souunkyou Valley" and found the restaurant run by the famous chef Mr. Mikuni. The name is "Fratello di Mikune". We had reserve a table for us but the number of the table is so limited. We should share the happy hour with other tourists.


Little Creek !

by Kazu

We found a little beautiful creek at the entrance of the valley. The rocks in the river were covered with water moss so nicely that it was like a artificial garden in the forest.
 A fallen tree trunk was also covered with moss and it seemed to be aged in the river for a long time. Something might be breathing under the tree. If I was a kid, I tried to turn the trunk without hesitation even if my feet got wet.
The air in the forest was so comfortable and energizing. The creek conveyed cooler air from the upper-side of the river. It was so nice to walk along the creek on that beautiful day !

Columnar Joints in Tenninkyou !

by Kazu

This is the columnar joints in Tenninkyou Valley. Souunkyou Valley has more and higher columnar joints but this valley has a little bit different taste.
As Route 39 goes through Souunkyou Valley, the exposure is higher than this valley but the road to this valley ends at the hot spring area. So the atmosphere is more attractive and mysterious.  
I found a large snake beside the path to the waterfall 40 years ago when I visited and stayed there with my past father. I shouted "Snake is there !" and my father was so surprised that he jumped up one meter high and the snake crawled away.


Sapporo Factory Shopping Mall !

by Kazu

Happy Merry Christmas for you all !
This is the atrium of Sapporo Factory Shopping mall. Every year, such decoration for Christmas can be seen in the atrium albeit the temperature in the atrium is kept around plus 25 degrees in Celsius all the year round.
I used to come here with my wife before our marriage to enjoy spa on the top floor.
Many changes have taken place and we have aged but the we still fight against something without pulling no punches. The blood is still hot. Shall we lock on the next target next year ?  


Asahikawa to Tenninkyou !

by Kazu

The riverside behind the railway station in Asahikawa City was still constructed for the comfortable lives of the citizens and tourists. The wind flowing on the river was so nice and it inspired me so much.
We left Asahikawa City in the morning and visited "Tenninkyou " valley. This wet cliff is called "Kagami Iwa" that means "Mirror Rock" in Japanese.

This valley is at the foot of Mt. Asahi(dake) and many tourists visit here for stress-relief.  
Columnar joints can be seen around the hot spring bath area. So beautiful water falls called "Hagoromo-no-taki" and "Shikishima-no-taki" are on the upper-side of the river but too much water flow of the river kept us from reaching and seeing those waterfalls on that day.