The scenery from the lookout "Biwase" !

by Kazu

This is the scenery form the lookout on the roadside of Biwase area in Hamanaka Town adjacent to Akkeshi where you can savor quality oysters all the year round,
The Pacific Ocean was so calm on that day and sunshine reflected on the surface of the ocean so nicely. What do you think about the scenery, Miku, Yuri and Ayaka ?
We  always welcome you all in Hokkaido but the weather depends on the date you chose to visit. This is the scenery in the afternoon.


What is Biwase ? 2

by Kazu

This is the lookout of "Biwase Area" and it has enough parking space and restroom. White and gray clouds were moving swiftly in the sky on that day.
 In order to see the ocean and the marsh, the lookout was build in this area of Hamanaka Town.  We came from the west and would go to the east.
 I could not find any red-crowned
white crane on the marsh on that day but this area is one of the biggest base camps for migratory birds in Hokkaido.


What is Biwase ?

by Kazu

I have to say that we were so lucky to see the scenery under the blue sky in this area because the coastline facing the meeting point of the warm and cold current is covered with fog most of the time.
 The rendezvous of the warm and cold current makes so fertile fishing point offshore of the island because so many plankton are generated and that nurture krill and other creatures that will be eaten by bigger fish and animals.
This lookout is on the hill named Biwase surrounded by Pacific Ocean and the marsh where so many migratory birds have a rest. Please be looking forward to the whisky to be distilled in this area !


Remember Akkeshi Town in Hokkaido !

 by Kazu

On our way back to the parking area for the tourist to visit the lookout on Cape Aikappu, I found a place played up with sunshine like a spot light.
I think some of you can remember this scenery of Akkeshi Town I posted two years ago. It was so fine on that day as I had seen two years ago but this time, thephoto was taken in the afternoon.
With sunshine from the west, the shade might play up the bright town, compared to the photo taken two years ago. What do you think about it ?


"Cape Aikappu" in Akkeshi Town 5 !

by Kazu

The coastline covered with bamboo grass may be the typical landscape in Hokkaido. The climate and the shape of the coast may be similar with that of Scotland and that is why a new distillery was made in Akkeshi Town.
 I am not sure the coastline of Scotland was  covered with such bamboo grass or not. The peat moss and the water coming from it made superb whisky in Scotland.
I hope the whisky in due will get the first prize in the competition of the world like "Taketsuru" and "Yoichi" whisky made by Nikka Whisky in Yoichi Town on the west coast of Hokkaido.


"Cape Aikappu" in Akkeshi Town 4 !

by Kazu

The object was and is on the cape named "Aikappu Misaki" in Akkeshi Town located in the eastern part of Hokkaido.
 The design is so interesting and fits the scenery of the landscape to a T, I think. The name is the namesake of the language of the indigenous people of Hokkaido Ainu.
This is the way to the lookout on "Cape Aikappu". Both sides of the trail were covered with bamboo grass that nurture a variety of creatures.


"Cape Aikappu" in Akkeshi Town 2 !

by Kazu

I was and am so lucky to be able to see this beautiful scenery from the lookout on Cape Aikappu. For the first time, with the beautiful girls from other islands of Japan and for the second time, with my wife and aunt.
Can you see the small islands off shore of the cape? Can you see"Kojima" that means "small island" in Japanese beside "Daikoku Jima" that means "the island of the deity for treasure" in Japanese.
The sunshine from the west made the different scenery from what I had seen two years ago but the scenery was brighter than before that time. My aunt is below.


"Cape Aikappu" in Akkeshi Town !

by Kazu

Do you remember this trail to Cape Aikappu, Miku, Ayaka and Yuri ? It was at the end the road beside the accommodation we stayed two years ago.
 We visited there early in the morning but this time, I visited this lookout with my wife and aunt in the afternoon in mid October. It was so fine as we had visited two years ago.
Going through the trail, we came out to the bamboo grass field near the cape.  I failed to explain the saying that if the girls can see the marvelous landscape from the lookout on the cape, they may miss the timing to get married. It is because the cape is usually covered with fog so it is so fortunate to be able to see the landscape in the fine weather.


"Conchiglie" in Akkeshi Town 4 !

by Kazu

I am not sure if the sea urchins were eating the kelp under the stressful circumstances after landed but anyway, the roadside station "Conchiglie" in Akkeshi Town got the straight sixth  first prize in the area of food menu in Hokkaido.
 Congratulations on the straight sixth champion in Hokkaido. The meals served in the restaurant of this roadside station have satisfied the visitors and the citizens so much.
 Do you remember this guy who enjoyed kayaking with you in the marsh of Akkeshi area, Ayaka, Yuri and Miku ? He was struggling to open the oyster shells near the entrance of the facility. Yes, he is living his life in Akkeshi Town and struggling to revitalize the area and make ends meet.


"Conchiglie" in Akkeshi Town 3 !

by Kazu

I believe that we should not waste the soup inside the shell of oysters. Of course, I hate to wash the oysters with fresh water because the cream of the oysters may be flush out with the fresh water.
But I do not care Hokkaido Surf Clam because the most tasteful part of the clam is packed in the body, I think.
Sliced potatoes and sweet potatoes are also served in the pan with a piece of butter. Please be careful while sauteing the potatoes because if you missed the timing to eat, you  missed the important part of your life. What do you think about it, Miku, Ayaka and Yuri ?