"Conchiglie"in Akkeshi Town 2 !

by Kazu

The name of the BBQ restaurant in "Conchiglie" is "ABURIYA". The URL is http://www.conchiglie.net/
Even the shell of oysters have been used as effective medicine for stress relief, abdominal disease and renal colic, based on the description on the table.
The shells started to open their mouths. Speaking of scallops, it was the timing to pour soy sauce inside the shell. So yam smell came out from the shell on the grill.
Do you remember the energizing taste of the oysters nurtured in Akkeshi Bay, Ayaka, Yuri and Miku ? If you burned out in the cutting-throat world, please do not hesitate to visit Hokkaido. I will treat you to the culinary delights sourced locally in Hokkaido. Don't forget !

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