What's the night ?

by Kazu

I had been able to remember where the photos were taken but now that I am receiving three beautiful female juniors from Rikkyo University and Dohshisha University on the isolated island of Akkeshi Town alone, I remember that these dishes were what I shared with my able staff members.
I am really missing my staff because receiving three beautiful girls for a week is so nice but at the same time, it is so dangerous and I am keeping on the toes not to be hated by them and to make the most unforgettable, irresistible week for them.
To be honest, having suddenly three daughters at this age is so stimulating and happy as a man with a spouse but no kids.
The story will be posted in not-so-distanced future.
I am very sorry for having forgot the name of this Italian restaurant in Sapporo City but I will get the name from my able staff member soon. At the top is the starter of the restaurant, cold veggie soup thickened with gelatin or something like that and Champagne. At the bottom is fried thick asparagus.
I promise to post the name and URL of the restaurant soon !
All the dishes of the course we savored were excellent and grabbed our heart and stomach !  

Break in Arte Piazza 2 !

by Kazu

This white object can be seen in the green from Cafe Arte in Arte Piazza, Bibai City.
Time goes by so calmly in comfort.
 This is the entrance of Cafe Arte. It is like a bird-walk of another famous architecture. The wooden building is colored with dark blown an the pillars are giving a twist to the design.
 This object is located on the way from Cafe Arte to the kindergarten and  gymnasium where other small art works made by Mr. Kan Yasuda are displayed.
Is it like a pea ?


Break in Arte Piazza !

by Kazu

On our way back from my hometown Kitami City, we dropped by "Arte Piazza" in Bibai City that had a variety of stone carving and other kinds of art works produced by famous Mr. Kan Yasuda born in Bibai City.
Everyday the cafe of Arte Piazza serves so nice and yum set menus including quality sweets. My wife chose G√Ęteau au chocolatand I did American apple pie on the day.
This a little bit transparent and amber cake is one of my favorites particularly when I am a little bit tired.
Needless to say, ice coffee, ice tea or the hots accompanies with the cake.
The decoration was so nice to see before picking up the part of it.
The antique percolators were displayed at the corner of the comfortable cafe..
This is the miniature replica of the famous work made by Mr. Kan Yasuda.

Our favorite spot in front of the stove made in Swede is shown below. Talking with your precious in front of not-popping but warm quality and legendary stove must be the calm and big draw of the cafe ad this park.  


At the foot of Mt. Kuro(-dake) !

by Kazu

On way back to Sapporo City from my hometown Kitami City, mywife and I dropped by Sohunkyo Canyon at the center part of Hokkaido City.

At the foot of Mt. Kuro(dake), a variety of flowers were in full flourish along the main road of Mont Remlant-like village.  
Mary-gold is one of our favorites in gardening but a various kinds of flowers were also fully flourished on the pot.
I am not sure the name of these red-star-like flowers but they gave us the second wing to drive the rest of the way to Sapporo City.
These violet flowers were timed to bloom for the season of tourism.
The part  of the skyline was seen from the central avenue but it tickled and allured us so much with its bright and deep green.


The Stone Garden in Kitami City, again !

by Kazu

Yes, thistrail leads to the stone garden in Kitami City but the trail itself is still a real stress relieve for me and energize me so much. It is a kind of so-called  power^spot for me.
Don't you think that these photos are much brighter than that I posted before ?
This city and other area of Hokkaido and Japan will flourish so much with the real nationalism that was revitalized by the friendly ;) tickles from neighbors !
Thanks to those excellent high-level countries !
We will get the power again from this globe blessed by Gaia that had been annoyed by the arrogant countries. Thanks a lot !  

Walking in the green, Kitami City !

by Kazu

My jogging course in my hometown Kitami City seemed brighter than usual even in the shade of green leaves growing like flames on the hillside.
The cut logs were so nice to decorate your garden so naturally.  
This is the pyramid-shaped greenhouse of "Midorino Center" that means "the center of green"  in Japanese. Banana trees and other tropical plants are growing in this house.
It was a so beautiful day and the sight was so clear that the not-so-high skyline seemed like the wave of the ocean.  
The stone pavement looked so aged with moss and their smooth surface. The smell of breathing spruce was so nice and refresh the inside of my lungs.
Why we human beings  are so attracted by the shape. Actually, I had been eager to climb the real Great Pyramid of Giza until I did with my wife in 2000.
Have you ever seen the trail I posted almost every season every year ?
What do you think this trail leads to ? Can you remember ?


At the foot of Mt. Kuro(-dake) 2 !

by Kazu

I am very sorry for exposing not beautiful legs, speaking of mine.
But the foot bath is so popular and comfortable on the way of long driving form my hometown to Sapporo City.
Next to the foot bath, there was a hands-washing hot spring at the foot of Mt. Kuro(dake) .
At the center of the foot-bath that requires no money to soak your feet, hot spring was flowing out from the rock.
The landscape of the valley surrounded by the pillars of columnar joints is one of the highlights in the tour in Hokkaido.
Each pear of the rocks are named and has a story based on the myth of the indigenous people of Hokkaido, Ainu.

This area is included in so-called "Kamui Mintara" that means the garden where "the deities are romping around" in the language of Ainu.
The aged rocks are covered with green of spruce and other kinds of trees.
The hillside of Mt. Kuro(dake) is covered with flowers in June. They can be seen on your way up to the peak of the mountain.
The hotels and B&B that provide so comfortable rooms with reasonable price are in this area for the climbers and trekkers.
Of course, hot spring spas are enjoyable in each hotel.
"Kuro-dake no Yu" that means the hot spring of Mt.Kuro(dake) may be the most popular spa in this area.
One day trip to this area is also popular in the central part of Hokkaido. The weather is so nice in Hokkaido in this season. Let us hit the road and head to the seas and mountains !