At the end of the party in Shimokawa Town ???

by Kazu

When you see the photo above, you must be convinced that the party thrown in Shimokawa Town has been wrapped up.
On top of that, the photo on the left is the mayor of the town Mr. Anzai and his staff members at the entrance of the hotel.
 Mr. Anzai and the able civic officials was leaving the hotel after having shown their hospitality that could not be better.  
The shuttle bus was and is so convenient even for the citizens of Shimokawa Town that is seeking for the most eco-friendly green town.
 Even after the wrapping-up toast at the end of the party, some guerrilla exchanging-notes accelerated with the enthusiasm to revitalize Hokkaido including Shimokawa Town.  
Everybody kicked back and relaxed after binge drinking following soaking their body in the hot spring spa.
 Getting over the difference of age, generation and philosophy, everybody talked to each other to get something better and shared each other.
It was so nice to exchange notes each other between the younger generations of the prefectural government and the municipality.
 Some of them were still enthusiastic and some were a little bit tired to continue to drink and talk, naturally.
 An able officer was strolling around the table and finding what was wrong with the situation after alcohol shower.
The vanguard was getting smaller than before but these guys were the selected drinker in our division and Kamikawa Sub-prefectural office???? no, all over Hokkaido Island.
 I think the next post will be the last for this gala. I took a little bit too much for the party thrown in Shimokawa Town.

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