Let's get the party started !

by Kazu

The starter of the dinner on the day was sushi-grade fatty tuna, scallop and shrimp with green horse radish.
 Japanese tempura of sliced lotus root, shrimp, chili and mushroom followed the starter.
The protagonist of the course was so-called Sukiyaki pot that contained sliced pork, Japanese small mushroom shimeji, Chinese lettuce and Allium tuberosum.
 Some speeches were delivered at the beginning of the party.
All the staff members from our division talked with the civil officials of Shimokawa Town. That was so nice that the party continued for hours.
 Changing the places around the table, we exchange the notes on our business and private lives.
Mr. Watanabe from the municipality of Matsumae also enjoyed so much the culinary delights sourced locally and the talk with the local staff. That was so nice but I had to left the venue because I would drive my car to head to my home town Kitami City next morning.

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