Wood Carvings in Shimokawa Town ! ②

 by Kazu

Please allow me to continue to post the wood carvings at the entrance of central park in Shimokawa Town. These sculptures were around the parking lot of the park.
Eagles, owls and a bear could be found in this totem-pole- like wood carving. .

 An eagle and a bear emerged from a single log after the carving of the artist.
It is like a hobgoblin that has a head with only legs and arms without the body. The fetus in the womb seemed to be protected by the hobgoblin.  

 It may take time to understand enough the intention and concept of these sculptures but the freedom of the creation is like that of indigenous people in Hokkaido Ainu.
I could recognize the differences of the sculptures clearly, speaking of the differences of the artists.They will lose the vivid colors when they were painted years ago as well as the precise shapes as they are exposed to the natural wind, rain and sunshine.They can be seen in Shimokawa Town. I started jogging around the park after appreciating the works of the wood artists.    


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