What's that bright and flat area in the dark forest ?

by Kazu

The road beside the hotel leads to the hillside of Daisetsu-zan National Park Area.
The entrance of the trails to the summits are on the other side of  the mountains.
 The ice breaking was still continued even after eight o'clock in the woods of timber town. The wild animals around the hotel might be able to see the light of human lives as I watched then like this.  
What did they feel while seeing the warm light in the building. Did it seem dangerous for them ? Or it seemed attractive in the darkness ? Strolling around in the darkness and coldness, isn't it irresistible for them ?  
 The hot spring water seemed to contain iron and sulfur and they might fertilize the pond covered with green in the park.
What difference would you find in the photos of the continuing party to be posted tomorrow ?

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