360 degrees from the lookout of Shimokawa Town !

by Kazu

The hill of the central park in Shimokawa Town was surrounded by the wall like a fort . This is the scenery from the top of the lookout tower.
The parking area at the entrance of the park could be seen from there.
 Some spruce trees were around the paved circle at the foot of the tower. The skyline was topped with gray clouds and it seemed to be raining over there.
The downtown also could be seen from the tower. It was very clam and I felt the trees were breathing. The smell of spruce refreshed me so much. Can you imagine the comfy and peaceful life in this town ?
 The wall is like that of the citadels overseas. It was a so nice course to jog around. It was approximately two km.

There were some embalmed stuffed animals in the tower.
The first display near the entrance was raccoon dog.
What do you think the next is ?

To be continued.

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