Mayor Hosted the Party !

by Kazu

The Mayor of Shomokawa Town Mr. Anzai received us kindly and hosted the party thrown for us. He carefully exchange notes with each member of our division and listened to the comments and opinions from the participants.
These are the game machine on the way to the comfy spa of the hotel. So-called UFO-catcher and the game of next generation.
I am eager to introduce this relief on the wall of the foyer made of wood in the Hotel GOMI . What do you think of it ?
The color of each piece was the original color of the material and the design was free from the stereotype of the art of indigenous people in Hokkaido Ainu as well as the the state-of-the-art works of so-called modern art.

 The party was continued for hours as long as some participants still had what they would like to talk to.  
It seemed to me that some participants was keeping to talk without recharging battery. I could soak my body and kick back in the hot spring bath three times during the party.
Kudos to Mr. Anzai !

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