A Madonna in the party !

by Kazu

We males have to treat females kindly and softly even in the party, sorry, particularly in the party even if in the binge drinking.
 One of my colleagues proposed a toast to the prosperity of Shimokawa Town with other area of Hokkaido. A civic official of the town and one of my female colleagues responded raising their glass.
The mayor of the town Mr. Anzai confessed his vision of the town and discussed on the way to realize that with one of the top brass of our government.
 She was requested to do a chug-a-lug of Japanese sake, making use of the lid of the soup cup.

A cameraman were closing to her her face to take photos of her drinking Japanese sake.
 But he got too close to her to take photos. She refused to expose to the camera during her chug-a-lug.
Yes, it requires a certain amount of concentration to savor the sake and keep herself with grace even after the binge drinking.
Don't you think that Japanese ladies are so cute and addictive ?

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