Chateau de Bangkok !

by Kazu

Two couples can stay in the room of Chateau de Bangkok I stayed, I think. It has two bathrooms, two washrooms, one living room and one dining room.
This is the bedroom I chose to sleep in that night. To be honest, I wanted to invite my friends in Bangkok because I felt lonely in the big room.
This is another bedroom next to another bathroom. I kept the lighting in the room on through the night. I was not scared in the room but I did.


Hokkaido Fair in Bangkok !

by Kazu

This is the Hokkaido Promotion Fair held in Takashimaya Bangkok of Icon Siam. Governor of Hokkaido Harumi Takahashi visited and delivered an opening speech beside Hokkaido Smile Ambasador Ms. Giang, one of the members of BNK 48, an idle group in Thailand. 
Ms. Giang kindly donate a small fortune for immdiate recovery of Hokkaido damaged in Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake and the certificate was handed to Governor Takahashi in the opening ceremony.
The producer of Ms. Giang's photobook was also on the stage as well as the manager of Ms. Giang. The donation of 660 thousand Japanese Yen was from the sales of the photobook. We really appreciate their consideration and cooperation.
Khob khun Krab !


Hotel Chateau de Bangkok 3 !

by Kazu

It was getting cloudy from the western sky. This swimming pool on the roof tp may be a good stage for the people with good proportion. The residents can see the figures on the roof of this hotel. I should check up the lighting of the pool in the night.
The old buildings in Bangkok seemed to be in the process to refurbish. With many young people, Thailand will develop much more rapidly, I think.
We Hokkaido people may have to absorb the Thai power of growth wisely and boost the economy in a shrewd way.                              


Hotel Chateau de Bangkok 2 !

by Kazu

I'd done jogging and bathing in the morning on that day, so I did not swim. It was partly because I was not sure the quality of the pool water on th roof top. In my business jaunts, I forgot to bring swimming gear with me. It might be the sign of my guardian to keep me swimming and catching germ. 
The sports gym next to the swimming pool was so well-equipped and nice. Even after check-out, we could use the shower room in the gym before  the departure of red-eye flight to New Chitose International Airport. That was very helpful for us to have a good sleep on the aircraft.

Chateau de Bangkok is in very convenient aea near the big famous hotels including Prestige Ohkura Bangkok. Many apartments and condominiums could be seen from the roof top too. Living in Bangkok may be stimulating and exciting.

Hotel Chateau de Bangkok!

by Kazu

There were two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one living room and one kitchen on my flat in Hotel Chateau de Bangkok. That was too much for me. If I had had an enough time, I had thrown a party with m friends in my room.
I make a point of swimming in the morning or evening after jogging during my stay in the hotels overseas. Chateau de Bangkok has such wonderful a swimming pool on the roof top from where the higher parts of the buildings surrounding the hotel can be seen.
Nobody was swimming in that morning but the wind blowing over the pool was so comfortable under the blue sky. I may have to contemplate to live with my wife in Thailand in the not-so-distat future.


Friendship between Hokkaido and Chiang Mai 2 !

by Kazu

Vice Governor of Chiang Mai Mr. Viroon Pantawee met some powerful members of Hokkaido Legislative Assembly who took part in "The Food & Wine Evening Hokkaido"  held in Hotel Okura Prestige Bangkok by Hokkaido Government and North Pacific Bank.
Legislator Mr. Noritoshi Murata, Mr. Takamasa Yoshikawa and Mr. Ryuji Kasai met and greeted Vice Governor of Ciang Mai Mr. Viroon Pantawee.
They may be able to make a momentum to accelrate the exchange between Hokkaido and Chiang Mai as well as other part of Thailand. Mr. Pantawee had to leave the venue of the event just after the toast. I escorted him to Svarnabhume International Airport ad came back to the hotel in Bangkok. It was too large for me.


Friendship Affiliation between Hokkaido and Chiang Mai !

by Kazu

Vice Governor of Chiang Mai Mr. Viroon Pantawee kindly visited Bangkok to take part in "The Food & Wine Evening" held by Hokkaido Government ad North Pacific Bank headquartered in Sapporo.
He stayed in bangkok for a few hours because he had to go back to Chiang Mai on that day. I picked him up at Svarnabhume Internatonal Airport and escrted him to the airport afer the event. We really appreciate his attendance to the event.
I was so happy to be able to let him see Governor Harumi Takahashi before the event. We recognized enough that this is the 5th Anniversary year of the friendship affiliation between Hokkaido and Chiang Mai. We should hand down this wonderful relationship to next generation.


Chiang Mai to Bangkok !

by Kazu

When I came back from jogging around the old town of Chiang Mai, the sun had risen and I could see the blue sky and clear view of the town. Many victoria amazonicas were floating on the moat surrounding the old town.
It seemed that Mr. LEE's restaurants are here and ther in Thailand including Chiang Mai. He was Chinese but he adjusted the original Chinese cuisine to Thai people's taste and made great successes in Thailand. I could find one of the branches of the restaurant chain even in the airport building in Bangkok.
Responding to the invitation from the Governor of Hokkaido Harumi Takahashi, Vice Governor of Chiang Mai Mr. Viroon Pantawee kindly visited Bangkok to take part in "The Food & Wine Evening " held by Hokkaido Government and North Pacific Bank headquartered in Sapporo, in order to show the sign of our friendship to be handed to next generation of each region..


Jogging around in Chiang Mai!

by Kazu

Just before the annual festival of the town, some bridges on the moat to the old town were decorated with many lanterns. I jogged around the moat surrounding the old town early in the morning. I am not sure the resource of the electricity of the town but they were so beautiful. 
Some part of the rampart surrounding the old town was broken and like a ruin of the old civilization. The lighting of the rampart made good taste and atmosphee.
This is the west gate of the old town. A very narrow bridge connected the old town and the outside. As you may recognize, the east dark sky was getting brighter. Jogging around the moat took the same time as I spend in morning jogging in Sapporo every day.  

Chiang Mai Supper 2!

by Kazu

The chicken soup called "Ga soup" in Thailand, was so nice and tasteful with moderate accent of Asian spice. Other members of our delegation were a little bit tired and went to bed. Please do not get caught in dubious massage shop near Tapae Gate.
This is Tapae Gate at the east end of the old town in Chiang Mai. The gate and the wall were lighted up and many tourists were taking photos for their memories in the square in front of the gate.
Basically, the old town is moated and some bridges connect the inside and outside. Tapae Gate has this wide space for something. I could not see Tai Chi on this square during my stay in Chiang Mai but Muai Thai fighters may be trained somewhere in the town.