Feast and Show !

by Kazu

These photos were taken at the venue of the dinner hosed by Chiang Mai Government.  Vice Governor of Chiang Mai Mr. Viroon Pantawee. He was a very kind gentleman his subordinates were looked filled up whith vim ad vigor. They were also nice and kind.                                                             
Director General for Policy Planning and Coordination of Hokkaido Government Mr. Onozuka was seated at the same table with Vice Governor of Chiang Mai Mr. Viroon Pantawee and Chief of Governor's Office Mr. Tanchai.  My counterpart in Chiang Mai was also so nice and cool. 
The traditional dance of each tribe was performed during our dinner. The dancers and the MC of the show invited us at the center of stage but we were too shy to dance in front of many tourists in the facility. We enjoyed a variety of traditional attire and dance of each tribe in Chiang Mai.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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