Epilogue 7 !

by Kazu

We were waiting for the call from the manager of the garden. So nice aroma of grilled lamb, veggies and seafood filled the garden.
 The guests who would eat Jingiskan pot cuisine were invited to this building that have so huge hall.
As we have the special guest from Osaka, we were escorted to this BBQ restaurant.
 Believe me, the pints of beer served her was marvelous !
My wife and the guest from the west were given a briefing on the manner and facility.
to be continued.


Epilogue 6 !

by Kazu

Yes, this is Sapporo Beer Museum and Restaurant, needless to say, in Sapporo City. So many citizens and tourists visit there and enjoy the scenery and pints of beer.
 The single star has been the symbol of the company for years.
This building is covered with a vine and protects the ragged surface of the bricks on the building wall.
It took 20 minutes to be escorted to the table in the restaurant. I am so fastidious about the taste of Beer.
 The office building and warehouse of the well-established brewery are used as the restaurant, souvenir shops and museum. Many people were waiting for their turn in this garden.


Epilogue 5 !

by Kazu

Recently, my wife met her in Osaka City and took a photo of the lady. It seemed that she had long hair at that time and looked sound.
I took her to this place where many tourists to Sapporo City visited on that night. Where do you think this place is ?
To be continued.


Epilogue 4 !

by Kazu

"The Mansion of Herrings"  called "Nishin Goten" in Japanese could be seen from the lookout on the cape.
White line made by a cruiser also could be seen so clearly that put the accent to the landscape.
Sapporo city is in this direction to the east. This coast line lead to the north end of Hokkaido Island, namely Wakkanai City.
So many ships come and go in this area. Yacht harbor or Port Otaru is the point to drop by.
The yacht went far away from the coast but they could not cruise so long distance because of the size.
The lady seemed to be satisfied with this scenery albeit she had visited the City of Otaru many years ago. What she was eager to visit during her stay in Hokkaido was another place.
To be continued.


Epilogue 3 !

by Kazu

White yachts were seen from the lookout on Cape Shukutsu. Yes, that was the season of marine sports.
The white head of the lighthouse on the cape could be seen from the lookout.  
I've never dived into the ocean from this cape but I can easily imagine the landscape under the water because I have dived into the adjacent area so frequently years ago.  
This building with red roof is called "Nishin Goten" that means " Mansion of Herrings" in Japanese. It was built in 1897, not on this site but in Tomari Village on the west coast of Shakotan Peninsula. It was moved to this site in 1958 by Hokkaido Tanko Kisen Inc. that cerebrated its 70th anniversary in the year. 

After it was moved to this site, it was given to Otaru City and designated as the tangible cultural heritage of Hokkaido for the first time for a private house. The tools used for herrings-fishing, processing herrings, utensils and cutlery and photographs are exhibited in the building. You can easily imagine and experience their style of life and work there. 


Epilogue 2 !

by Kazu

Have you got it ?
Yes, this lady dropped by and stay in my condo. for a few days. She could not book a seat in the train called "Twilight Express" that connects Sapporo City and Osaka.
 Is it called "Red-eye Express" like "Red-eye Flight "in English ? I do not think so. Staying in the train for a night or two with the beautiful landscape from the window and gorgeous interiors is one of the most popular pastimes like "Oriental Express" and Canadian Express.
I took her to Cape Shukuzu in Otaru City albeit she was eager to visit the place one of her favorite movie film "The Bread of Happiness " featuring "Yoh Ohizumi" and "Tomoyo Harada"was shot.
 As we do not have enough time to visit the location point on that day, I took her to the most popular sight seeing area but this point was given only to the people who love this ocean.
To be continued.


Epilogue 1 !

by Kazu

As you may know, Hamanaka Town adjacent to Akkeshi is the hometown of Mr. Monkey Punch, the author of comic and animation film, "Lupin The Third". That is why on the body of the train that connects Kushiro City and Nemuro City, the characters of the animation film were painted.
Besides, one of the ladies dropped by Sapporo City on her way back home and had this soup curry with my wife and me. Who do you think dropped by and stay in my condo ?
To be continued.


Got it !

by Shuukou

The target of the project was the small island called "Kojima" offshore of Akkeshi Town and the total promotion of the town.  
 The citizens thought nobody would be on the island in not-so-distanced future.  The island is near the good kelp-picking point. Only in summer, thirteen people of six households live on the small island for kelp-picking.  
Once upon a time, some member of the chamber of commerce and industry in the town planned to invite a Casino on the island but so far it is not successful and the island has been and is shrinking carved by the waves and winds.
The ladies exhaled all they hammered out to promote the town, making the most of all they had learned, touched, felt, smelled and ate.  
The staff members of the town who supported the project kindly set up the occasion this presentation and got all the concerned together.
I really appreciate the efforts exerted by the ladies and the nice support provided by the citizens of the town including the civil clerks.
Thank you again !


Make it !

by Shuukou

At the end of the journey of the ladies, they had to make a presentation to the civil clerk of Akkeshi Town and key persons of the town.
The ladies exerted their best effort to make this material for the presentation on how to beef up the public relations of the town and its resources to attract visitors from the other part of the globe.
Fortunately, so many citizens of the town were interested in their presentation and recommendation in this regard.
 In order to make the most of the resources of the town including "Small Island" called "Kojima" in Japanese for attracting so many visitors, the ladies learned, experienced, touched and felt the whole town and people with their skin and heart. This is the result of their effort.
To be continued.


Canoeing in the creek of marsh 2 !

by Shuukou

The end of the journey was getting closer. I was not sure if they would come back to the town and marsh but they said they would like to visit the area again.
Mr. Katou said that Gustatory Terminal Conchiglie would be the terminal of such outdoor activities and hired a able gentleman to beef up the division of such attractions.
It might be a very small adventure but for the ladies, it was so huge step into the terra incognita.
After the basic training, two canoes headed to the center of the marsh.
It might be the first cloudy day in their stay in Akkeshi Town but they seemed to have forgot their luck given the deity of this area.