Asahikawa Winter Festival !

by Tacky 

"Asahikawa Winter Festival" are held in February every year in
Asahikawa City.
 Using snow accumulated here and there in the city, the citizens and the visitors from other part of the island and this globe make so many snow sculptures, enjoy and appreciate their works. 

The biggest snow sculpture in the festival is a giant slide with the length of 100 meters made by Japanese Self-Defense Forces.The small-scale snow sculptures made by the citizens are also displayed on the venue.
 I participated to building the statue made of snow this year. The group with which I joined made the snow sculpture of the most popular character in animation TV program "Youkai(Hobgoblin) Watch " called  "Zibanyan".

 Such small-scale  snow sculptures are made by carving a snow cube of 3.5 meters which is provided by the organizer beforehand. 
As comparatively warm days continued this year, the snow cubes for making the snow sculptures melted, the snow sculptures had to be repaired with the additional snow.


 Shaving extra snow with scoops, the snow sculptures are made. If the sculpture needs more snow to add, the snow is added later. As the procedure of making snow sculpture advances, detailed and concise  works, such as digging the ear holes of the characters and the mouth,  are required. 
 The snow sculpture we made were completed by putting a small slide on the
side. When I begin to do one built with statue of snow, I was so interested in finishing the work with grace that I adjust the details to shape the sculpture correctly as planned. When it's done and
seen, it's quite fun work.
 "Asahikawa Winter Festival" is held from February 6, 2015 to February 11.
Please check out the detailed information on it at 

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