Epilogue 4 !

by Kazu

"The Mansion of Herrings"  called "Nishin Goten" in Japanese could be seen from the lookout on the cape.
White line made by a cruiser also could be seen so clearly that put the accent to the landscape.
Sapporo city is in this direction to the east. This coast line lead to the north end of Hokkaido Island, namely Wakkanai City.
So many ships come and go in this area. Yacht harbor or Port Otaru is the point to drop by.
The yacht went far away from the coast but they could not cruise so long distance because of the size.
The lady seemed to be satisfied with this scenery albeit she had visited the City of Otaru many years ago. What she was eager to visit during her stay in Hokkaido was another place.
To be continued.

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