BBQ Restaurant in Akkeshi Conchiglie !

by Shuukou

Gustatory Terminal Conchiglie in Akkeshi Town has some restaurant in its building on the hillside from where the beautiful landscape including the coastline could be seen.
One of the restaurant in the building is "Aburiya" where the top quality food sourced locally could be grilled and savored.
Pork, beef, chicken, lamb, squid, shrimp, scallop, potato cake, pacific saury, mackerel, almost everything you can try in the restaurant are produced in the area.  

 Please be careful and do not touch the edge of the grill. It is so hot. It is surefire way to understand the quality and the taste of the quality food.
Details are at  http://www.conchiglie.net/
Please visit the site and Akkeshi Town ! Get rid of pesky thing in your heart there !

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