To the sanctuary of red-crowned white crane !

by Kazu

I really love the countenances shown by the people who are eating delicious cuisine and feeling so happy. It was a pity that I did not tried the seafood restaurant run by a fisherman in Akkeshi Town.
See above,  the quality seafood landed on Port  Akkeshi were displayed in the water tanks. They were too yummy to pass by without tasting.
Have you ever seen the sign warning crane-strike under the deer-strike sign ?
This is the sanctuary of "Yachi-bozu" or "Yachi-manako" in Kushiro Marsh. You can see the curious plants shaped like balls or domes.
The museum in Kushiro Marsh was filled with stuffed and embalmed animals and birds as well as the plants. Walking around the museum and the premises of the museum in the marsh seemed so nice and canoeing in the creek also did on the photos. Where is the most similar to this scenery on this globe?

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