On a certain day in Sapporo Art Park !

by Kazu

It is impossible to catch  Lesser Emperor with hands but at the end of summer, they are so weak and not spry that I can catch one of them in Sapporo Art Park on that day.
The dragon fly was on the violet flower of Hydrangea. It was dying but showed its eagerness to live in this world.
At the end of summer, so many insects pass away in this park as if the souls of the artists who could not make it were reborn and burned their lives amply.


Sapporo Art Park 3 !

by Kazu

If you find such objects in the forest, you might be believing in the existence of the ancient civilization or the culture of indigenous people in that area.
 I would not like the objects to be covered with moss or fungi, to be honest, but I am not sure if these objects would get a twist after getting those green attire or not.
It may be so time-consuming and tough to wipe off the stain on the sculpture that are not covered with moss- or fungi-proof liquid or paint. my father-in-law had been a volunteer curator of this park but before I asked him about that, he passed away.


Sapporo Art Park 2!

by Kazu

I love the ruins in Europe and other area on this globe but this art park has the taste of ruins and art. So many citizens and tourists from other part of this globe visit this park every week.
 I love the objects like this in the forest and other natural circumstances such as desert, iceberg, mountain and on the seabed.
The traditional house of the indigenous people in North America might be the motif of this artistic object, I think.


Star Wars Exhibition in Sapporo Art Park !

by Kazu

On our way back from Niseko Area on that day, we dropped by Sapporo Art Park that allured so many people including the citizens with the special exhibition of Star Wars.We could find the deep and profound story behind the movie film. The side story of Jango Fett and Boba Fett was so interesting.
Currently, the special exhibition "Attack on Titan" is attracting people in Sapporo Art Park.  I've never seen the animation and the comics yet but I may have to report on that.
I thought that "Darth Vader " might be the real protagonist in the story of "Star Wars". Our minds swing between the vice and virtue. We try to be better beings but sometimes we fail to. We try to do good tings for others but sometimes we can not reach the point where we aimed at. When we lost our lovers, we can not keep ourselves. Is this similar to the story of "Darth Vader" ?


Buckwheat noodle soup restaurant "Shoujiki An" !

by Kazu

The name of the buckwheat noodle soup restaurant is "Shoujiki-an" that is the name sake of "honesty" in Japanese.
The noodle is made of buckwheat grain that was taken out from the chaff and that is why the the noodle is comparatively white.
The leek and the meat of wild geese boiled in the broth flavored with soy sauce was served to soak the noodle. The recipe of the soup must be secret in each buckwheat noodle soup restaurant but absolutely, fermented and dried bonito and dried kelp must be used to make this tasty soup, I think.  


The Railway Station in Niseko Town !

by Kazu

I can not remember where I saw such objects shaped cows. They were colored so nicely and comically. I thought it was the image of so creative artist like kids.
 Even the train that takes the snow off the railway was painted a little bit and gave the way to the normal train before winter.
This stuffed bear was waiting for the tourists at the entrance of the roadside station in Niseko Town. This bear damaged the produces raised by the farmers in Niseko Area years ago and that is why it was shot by the hunters in the town.


Highlanders in Niseko ?

by Kazu

It may be easier to trek around the turf of the deities ruling this area than thatin the center part of Hokkaido. The highland of Niseko Area is one of the most familiar spot for families with kids.
 This is the last stairs to get down to the entrance of the trail. Every time I reach to the top of the stairs after conquering the peak, I am so relieved because I am released from the obligation to climb the mountains.
I think we don't have to step into the habitat of bears and other wild lives, I think. Do you agree with me ?
We dropped by the railway station in Niseko Town in the morning after leaving Goshiki Onsen Hot spring Spa.


Getting down to the world of human beings !

by Kazu

As we hurried up to the peak of Mt. Iwao(nupri), I did not have enough time to take photos on our way to the peak.
 But I was convinced that we would be able to soak our body in the hot spring spa of Goshiki Onsen after conquering the peak and before checking-out, I was able to take these photos enjoying the scenery of the garden where the deities were romping around.
As it took approximately one and half hour to reach the peaak of Mt. Iwao(nupri), if you  start trekking at around six o'clock in the morning, you will be able to take enough time for bathing and lying on tatami floor after bathing.


Around the crater of the volcano !

by Kazu

Which is better to call it "fog" or "cloud" ? From the foot of the mountain, absolutely it composed the cloud that covered the peaks.
 But from the viewpoint of us climbers, it seemed to be fog around us that annoyed us and kept us from savoring the "buena vista from the peak and hillside. .
The rocks and volcanic ash seemed to be flown and compiled to make the mountains. The silhouette of Mt. Niseko Annupri was getting clear except for the peak.


Three Sixty on the top !

by Kazu

It was a pity that we could not see the peaks of the mountains around Mt. Iwao(nupri) in that morning but anyway, we reached the peak leaving enough time for bathing after getting down to the accommodations at the foot of the mountain..
 Can you see the silhouette of Mt. Niseko Annupri ? That is the mountain we enjoyed trekking with my wife, her mother and Norm.some years ago.
We were convinced that we reached the peak with the sign of the summit but it tends to be a routine that we come to this peak when we stayed in Goshiki Onsen  like I jog around every morning.