Seals in Asahiyama-zoo in spring !

by Tacky

 The vertical transparent drum in which a seal goes up and down is one of the most attractive display in Asahiyama Zoo run by the municipality of Asahikawa.

Visitors can observe the the seals swimming up and down just in front of them from all directions 360. They gather around the water pillar and say "wow" every time a seal went through the water pillar.

As seals are the animal full of curiosity, they frequently go up and down in the water pillar to see the visitors around the transparent drum from the inside.

 The handlers of the animals in the zoo show themselves  feeding the animals and explain on how the animals are living in the natural environment and the zoo, with zeal.

 In such way of display and hospitality, this zoo allured the most visitors in Japan in in July of 2004.

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