Orangutan in Asahiyama-Zoo in spring !

by Tacky

The cage in which an orangutan lives has the most unique shape in Asahiyama-zoo.
 The cage an orangutan lives is divided into two area. One is a globular shape.

 Another cage is connected by the rope stuck on the height of the 17m from the ground.
 The orangutan move from one cage to another via this rope freely between the cages.
Visitors can pass through under the rope.
Therefore it's possible for visitors to see the state of orangutan dangling from the rope from right under the rope.
 There is a sign shown above that is warning for the visitors passing through under the rope to pay attention to urination of an orangutan.

A mother orangutan held a child on her belly.
 The breeder said, "Tje gripping power of the mother is so strong that she never drop off the kid mistakenly. 
 An orangutan is living on the tree.
 They were raised in the environment similar to the one they live in the nature. 
 Visitors can see the various kinds of behaviors, characteristics and habits of the
animals in the zoo.

 Such posture is highly evaluated.

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