Asahiyama-Zoo !

by Tacky

 Asahiyama-zoo is located in Japan most north.
 This zoo is one of the most alluring in Hokkaido.
 But, as the visitors to the zoo decreased before, this zoo was in the crisis in a wilderness.


 There isn't a rare animal like a 'giant panda' in this zoo.
 But exhibition method is devised (Action exhibition) in order to see
ecology and a movement of animal origin from the various angles at this zoo.
 The breeders show themselves feeding animals positively and explain how those animals live in the nature.

 Such, a visit person was increased on leaps and bounds to try.

 Such try is highly evaluated as "model case of area revitalization".

 The story of the zoo revitalized has been dramatized several times.

 Soon Hokkaido will see the beautiful spring.
 Many visitors will visit this zoo again and they will see the cherry blossoms blooming on the premises of the zoo. Please scheck out the official web site of Asahiyama-zoo. 
 It's possible to read the site in Japanese, English, a Hangul alphabet
language and Chinese.


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