Remembering summer again !

by Kazu

As I indicated, the ladies kept fishing on the information about the treasure of Akkeshi Town in order to figure out the best ideas to revitalize the town, making most of the resources in Akkeshin Town.
 Mr. Minatoya, Director for Town Planning and Revitalization of the area explained about the history of the town and geographical situation.
It seemed that the energy and enthusiasm emitted from Mr. Minatoya were shared by the beautiful ladies.
The ladies introduced themselves and announced on their target and goal to reach in this project to the civil clerks of the municipality.

In order to get more information on the town, we headed to the museum of the town.

To be continued.


Mt. Rishiri-Fuji ③

by Tacky
 Near the summit, the slope of the trail is especially steep and some traces of landslides could be seen in some parts of the hillsides.

In fact, since the approach to the Southern Peak which is the highest point of the Mt Rishiri-Fuji is so unstable that it is unreachable.

So the mountaineers see the Northern Peak(altitude   1719 m) as the summit of the mountain.

For such reasons, it is said that it is more difficult to climb Mt. Rishiri-Fuji with the altitude of 1721 m rather than Mt.Asahi(dake) with the altitude of 2291 m.

I took 5 hours and 40 minutes to reach the summit.
On the day, the summit of the mountain was unluckily covered with clouds by bad weather.
However, mountain-climbing visitors of large number were on the summit of the mountain.

The Mt Rishiri-Fuji is a beautiful mountain where many alpine plants grow gregariously.
Moreover, there is also an alpine plants grown only on the Rishiri island.
I was able to see such alpine-peculiar plants in large numbers in the middle of mountain climbing.

Most parts of the island are designated as the National Park and about 200,000 tourists visit Rishiri Island every year.

Later and in winter, the Rishiri Island and the creatures living there will have a tough time.
The Mt Rishiri-Fuji during winter is an area where a snowstorm is intense, so that it serves as a training field for the overseas mountaineering party who aims at gaining the summit of Mt. Everest.
However, ordinary tourists hardly visit.

I was surprised that the mountain trail is well-maintained and -improved very much in the Mt. Rishiri.
Many directional arrows were installed beside the mountain trail here and there.
Moreover, in order to prevent the slope of a mountain from crashing more near the summit, ground stop construction was performed.

Especially I was surprised that many toilet booths in which the mountaineers use a portable toilet are also installed.
Now, in order to maintain the ecosystem of the mountain, it is strongly recommended to mountaineers doing and bringing urine home.

However, actually, even if the mountaineers are going to use a portable toilet, since there is no bandage of a toilet booth etc., it might be difficult to use them.

It is said that it is a pioneering trial nationally to installed such facilities in mountains.
I felt that I wanted such a movement for other areas in Hokkaido to grow.
The Rishiri island is a beautiful island that seems to be floating on the sea.
Although coming to an island takes so appropriate time, I think that he would like to climb the Mt. Rishiri-Fuji again.

In addition, if you would like to get more information on the isolated islands around Hokkaido, please have a contact with my friend's KAZU at ikeda.kazuaki@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp  .

Chao !


At the horn of the cape !

Article by Kazu
Photos by the beautiful girls

Some of my friend might be aware of the danger of my hair but it is still showing its presence on my forehead.
Besides, the beauty of Akkeshi Town was so impressive and the contrast of the green, blue sky, cobalt blue and the light blue on the horizon with white clouds was so striking that I could not stop taking photos.
Looking the island that was the base of Japanese submariners, unknowingly we were talking about the real objectively right history that had not been alleged by a certain ideology and the benefit of undemocratic countries.
We have to protect the innocent smiles shown by such beauties but the reality of the world ruled by the greed had been, was and is too harsh for the people with conscientious to make it to right the wrong.
I was convince that my wife and I should devote ourselves who don't have kids,  to telling them the objectively right history and the dispute among the countries that were eager to make the most of the defeat of Japan in World War Ⅱ.
Speaking of the project we arranged, the beauties from the main island of Japan pay a courtesy visit to the fixer of the town Mr. Minatoya and his stuff members.
The ladies were given a brief on the outlook and history of the town.
The ladies started to kicking around the draft of the plan from the scratch to maximize dramatically the exposure and communicating the information on the town.
 To be continued.


Mt. Rishiri-Fuji ②

by Tacky

Mr. Kyuuya Fukada gave a comment on Mt. Rishiri-Fuji,  "I can not find such mountain that was shaped by a whole island and moreover,  is no less than 1721 meters high other than this mountain in Japan."
For this reason, a mountaineers have to climb the mountain from the sea level [ of about 0 m ] as the starting point to the peak.
This is the biggest difference and the feature which other mountains don't have.

In many cases climbing a mountain with a peak of high altitude, a mountaineer starts at the altitude of around 1000 meters high or more.
Moreover, as the name of the mountain shows, the shape of Mt. Rishiri-Fuji has the similar beautiful shape of "Conide" like Mt. Fuji.
For this reason, the slope of the trail becomes steeper gradually as you get closer to the summit.
To be continued.


Mt. Rishiri-Fuji ①

by Tacky

There is an essay "Japanese one hundred famous mountains."
The noted mountain of 100 in Japan which Mr. Kyuuya Fukada, the author of the essay, chose is introduced in it.
Nine mountains were chosen from Hokkaido as the noted mountains in the essay.
I climbed last year the Mt. Rishiri-Fuji which is one of them.
The Mt. Rishiri-Fuji is on the Rishiri Island off the west shore of Wakkanai City.
If it is fine weather, it is possible to
see it from Wakkanai City.
The amazing blue pretty flowers could be seen o the cliff beside the trail to the summit.
To be continued. 


What is waiting for them ?

by Kazu

As you may agree, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. For the start of the project, Akkeshi Town struck them up with its landscape and fine weather, I  believe.  
As the kelp-picking by fishermen had already started early in the morning at that moment, we could not see the white stripes made by the fisherman's boats on the ocean.
I didn't like to intimidate them but I was very concerned on the hard work to dry tons of kelp on the small island.
A fisherman was picking up something under the cliff of the cape. Is he picking sea urchin ?
The surface of the ocean was getting brighter than I had saw while jogging.  
 They rang the bell of the monument. Some roughish guys said the people who rang the bell would say good-bye to the current lover but the different things were written on the stone plate in front of the monument.
I had to keep my fingers and toes crossed for their happiness in their adolescence and future.
Sorry for my ability to take beautiful and nice photo but the objects were absolutely beautiful and nice, I promise.


It is like looking for a needle in a hay stack ?

by Kazu

"No", is the answer to the question of title. There were a variety of treasures to touch, feel, smell and savor in Akkeshi Town. The ladies from the metropolitan areas of Japan would discover the precious in the area and contribute their plans to make the most of its small island where fishermen and their family lived in during summer.    
 These ladies were the key player in this game. On the first day of the project, they seemed stay on top of their game in Akkeshi Town.
The slope which connects the accommodation with the old downtown was a little bit too steep for them to go up without stepping down from the bicycle.  
 I took them to the lookout on the cape after having breakfast. I hoped they would be struck by the beautiful landscape.
The youth itself has the power, beauty and intestinal fortitude. It forced me to seek for what I really wanted, was eager to feel and touch in my adolescence. It never allowed me to give up because the cup of my heart was never filled up.  
 I was not sure if the ladies were feeling the same kinds of drought and hunger or not but they had the right to contemplate, struggle to do something with uncertainty. But I would like them to just enjoy their stay and the scenery at this point on this globe.
I visited the lookout again with them. The name of the cape was "Aicappu". While looking the island they would land on to experience hard work to dry the kelp, what did they think ?
"Are you happy ?"
"Why not !"


The protagonists of the project !

by Kazu

Such kind of grass field is peculiar to the east end of Hokkaido Island.
It is so, yes like on the cliff facing the ocean in Europe and North America.
 The name of the cape is the namesake of the language used by the indigenous people in Hokkaido Ainu but the original pronunciation is shown in Chinese Characters in Japanese. Based on the used characters, the new story was made in Japanese.
The name of the cape Aicappu is made of the characters that means "love" 愛 and "crown" 冠.
Just after being born, human beings are loved and get to know the love. "Some people seek for the new love, some swear by  
never-ending love, some pray for the courage to live the new life. If you ring the bell on the cape with your hope, the sound of the bell can be heard all over the area as if it was the word of incantation whispered by the deity of the cape, and the hope and love must come true", described on the monument.
Besides, a small museum is near the cape and I will post the photos I took in it days later.
The tagline on the sign is "Experience the lively nature !"
The protagonist of the project and the tour should be this beautiful landscape and the culinary delights sourced locally but・・・・・・
 ・・・they would be the real protagonists and big draw of the town for a month or longer.
Please be looking forward the next report on the activities and their performance in the town and other area on this globe  !