Biei Town in autumn !

by Tacky

Hello, guys !
I’m Tacky, a friend of KAZU.
I went to Biei-cho in October.
Biei Town is a small town near Asahikawa City in Hokkaido.
Do you know that Japan is a country of rich water resources?
Japan is a country with much precipitation.
Water for life had been pumped up from a well, spring water, etc. since ancient times in each home, and it had been used as domestic non-commercial water widely.
Waterworks equipment has spread in present Japan.
In general homes, the tap water disinfected in the water purification plant is used now.
Very few people are living on the water from a well or spring water.
However, the water from some wells or springs is estimated to be more delicious than tap water.
Of course, without disinfection, such spring water fits drink.
Such spring water is called “brand-name spring water”, and is treasured at a premium.
Such brand-name spring water exists in Hokkaido in various places.
In Biei-cho, there is the place where the spring water called "Misato spring water" gushes.
I make a point of draw the spring water here every time I visit the town.
Since chlorine disinfection is not carried out, I can savor “the original taste of water” with the spring water.
Beside the spring, there is a temple in which one of the deities in Buddhism called Misato Fudouson is worshiped.
All the people who visit to draw the spring water pray to the temple with their hands joined.
In Japan, water was treated as a sacred thing since ancient times.
When visiting in a shrine, the hands should be purified with water before worship even now.
Therefore, such a religious institution is built beside the place out of which such spring water comes in many cases.

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