Remembering summer. The journey started !

by Kazu

Remembering last summer, I would like to report on a project to revitalize one of the isolated islands around Hokkaido.

Do you remember this building that I posted the photo on this blog a month ago ?

This is the main accommodation in Akkeshi Town where I spent exciting and beautiful summer with so nice ladies in their junior grade of their university.
I think I posted these dishes in Oyster Course Menu in Sushi Bar SAKURATEI in Akkeshi Town but let me make sure the beginning of the splendid summer.
Akkeshi Town is very famous of the quality seafood such as the very best of tasty oysters, Pacific saury, clam, shrimp and other kinds of fish.
This is sushi grade fresh oyster with rice vinegar, soy sauce and spicy chili topped with slice leek.    
 This oyster course is for 1,750 Japanese yen. On the left is so called "Tamago-toji" in Japanese, oyster and egg boiled with the special broth ofthe sushi bar.
Fried oyster in the sushi bar showed enough the difference from the ones produced in other area of Japan.
It was sooooooooo nice ! Just remembering the taste makes my mouth filled with saliva.
The miso soup also contained the broth of oyster and the sushi-grade fresh oyster was on the rice wrapped with dried seaweed Nori. Sliced ginger soaked in rice vinegar called "Gari" in sushi bar accompanied and gave a soft color like a flower to the dish.
They were the participants to the project.  I spent a week with them in Akkeshi and adjacent area in Hokkaido.
 One of them stayed in my condo in Sapporo City even after the week of my mandate in Akkeshi. I will tell the story later.
Let us start the Akkeshi Series on this blog as they went back to their usual life and living accommodation.
To tail, the photos of the sushi bar can be seen at   http://tabelog.com/hokkaido/A0112/A011203/1013489/

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