It's my favorite buckwheat noodle soup !

by Kazu

I think many of the citizens know about the legendary buckwheat noodle soup restaurant "Shinshu-an" located near the JR Sapporo Station, Kita 7-jo, Nishi 6-Chome, Chuo-ku.  The owner Mom  came to think of her whole life and decided to close the restaurant and depart for foreign countries to see what she had not seen. It was so a pity we could savor the very best of her buckwheat noodle soup and delicious rice bowls of a variety.
It was just a papa & mama restaurant like a hole on the wall but her recipe was bought by a Hokkaido local restaurant group that was and is known as "Miyoshino" group the flagship menu is "Gyoza", Jiaozi in Chinese and curry rice. That made us able to savor the genuine taste of "Shinshu-an" restaurant here and there in Sapporo City.
This had been the most popular menu in the original restaurant, "Kakuni Bento"that means "buckwheat and rice set with boiled and flavored pork. It had been addictive and so is it even now but the amount of pork was cut down and a boiled egg accompanies instead;) You can put as much the sliced leek, seaweed flakes as well as the fried wheat balls as you can on the buckwheat noodle soup gratis!
The URL of the restaurants crowned the name of Shinshu-an is at
and the reputation and the photos can be seen at
but written only in Japanese.
The prices are so reasonable !

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