Where is it ? I have to share the scenery with them !

by Kazu

What a , what a, how can I describe it ?
I was so moved with the beauty and balance of this magnificent scenery that remind me of the fact that I was on a round sphere.
 This lookout was on Cape Aicappu that was one of the best places to visit in Akkeshi Town and I could see the small island that we would land on three days later.
Can you find the small island at the center of this photo on the right ?
That is "Kojima" where only thirteen people lived on in summer.  
The bigger island is "Daikoku Island" where some people had been living years ago. There was the base of Japanese U-boat I will post the photos of the base later.
Next cape could be seen in the direction of southwest.
 It is said in the town that the persons who rang the bell have to say good-by his or her current lover.
The scenery was really worthwhile under the bright sunshine. It might have beefed me up and energize enough to start up the long day.
The sea current also could be seen from the lookout. You will able to see the white lines on the ocean days later;)

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