It's a kind of beauty !

by Kazu

What a beautiful flower of white and pale red !
The top quality sliced pork meat produced in Kagoshima Prefectural area can be savored even in Sapporo City.  The Shabushabu restaurant "Ichi Nii San" is in Sapporo Stellar Place department store adjacent to Sapporo JR Station.
The name of the restaurant "Ichi Nii San"  means "One Two Three" in Japanese and the beautiful and delicious sliced pork meat is so clean and fresh that each piece of the pork should be soaked in the boiled water that contains a bit of broth for three seconds in which you can count "one, two, three".  
The interior of the restaurant is so authentic and cool Japanese taste. It may cost a wee bit more than other Shabushabu restaurants but I guarantee your satisfaction.
The URL of the Sapporo branch of the  restaurant headquartered in Kagoshima City is   http://ichiniisan.jp/

The meat should be savored with soba (buckwheat noodle) soup in the restaurant.

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