What is waiting for them ?

by Kazu

As you may agree, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. For the start of the project, Akkeshi Town struck them up with its landscape and fine weather, I  believe.  
As the kelp-picking by fishermen had already started early in the morning at that moment, we could not see the white stripes made by the fisherman's boats on the ocean.
I didn't like to intimidate them but I was very concerned on the hard work to dry tons of kelp on the small island.
A fisherman was picking up something under the cliff of the cape. Is he picking sea urchin ?
The surface of the ocean was getting brighter than I had saw while jogging.  
 They rang the bell of the monument. Some roughish guys said the people who rang the bell would say good-bye to the current lover but the different things were written on the stone plate in front of the monument.
I had to keep my fingers and toes crossed for their happiness in their adolescence and future.
Sorry for my ability to take beautiful and nice photo but the objects were absolutely beautiful and nice, I promise.

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