Rest in the next hotel !

by Kazu

We reached the hotel we would stay after coming down from the peak of Mt. Asahi(dake).
I should take much more water under the blue sky and sunshine.
Brilliant green could be seen from the window of the hotel.
I perspired so much and might be smelling. Bathing would empower me and give me the second wing.
 There were few people there in the afternoon. It was so comfortable to soak in the bath calm and not crowded.
Just beautiful design ! The function required made the works of a kind of art
 Please wash your cock and bottom before soaking your body in the bathtub.
Outside bath was not so huge but the so comfortable with the space for interval rest.
 I am not sure what the purpose of this stage-like object is for but having rest during bathing is so addictive and extract the maximum effect for refreshing our body and soul.
 Paradise !
The URL of the hotel is
 I needed this amount of food after trekking in the deity's garden on the highland.

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