Mt. Rishiri-Fuji ③

by Tacky
 Near the summit, the slope of the trail is especially steep and some traces of landslides could be seen in some parts of the hillsides.

In fact, since the approach to the Southern Peak which is the highest point of the Mt Rishiri-Fuji is so unstable that it is unreachable.

So the mountaineers see the Northern Peak(altitude   1719 m) as the summit of the mountain.

For such reasons, it is said that it is more difficult to climb Mt. Rishiri-Fuji with the altitude of 1721 m rather than Mt.Asahi(dake) with the altitude of 2291 m.

I took 5 hours and 40 minutes to reach the summit.
On the day, the summit of the mountain was unluckily covered with clouds by bad weather.
However, mountain-climbing visitors of large number were on the summit of the mountain.

The Mt Rishiri-Fuji is a beautiful mountain where many alpine plants grow gregariously.
Moreover, there is also an alpine plants grown only on the Rishiri island.
I was able to see such alpine-peculiar plants in large numbers in the middle of mountain climbing.

Most parts of the island are designated as the National Park and about 200,000 tourists visit Rishiri Island every year.

Later and in winter, the Rishiri Island and the creatures living there will have a tough time.
The Mt Rishiri-Fuji during winter is an area where a snowstorm is intense, so that it serves as a training field for the overseas mountaineering party who aims at gaining the summit of Mt. Everest.
However, ordinary tourists hardly visit.

I was surprised that the mountain trail is well-maintained and -improved very much in the Mt. Rishiri.
Many directional arrows were installed beside the mountain trail here and there.
Moreover, in order to prevent the slope of a mountain from crashing more near the summit, ground stop construction was performed.

Especially I was surprised that many toilet booths in which the mountaineers use a portable toilet are also installed.
Now, in order to maintain the ecosystem of the mountain, it is strongly recommended to mountaineers doing and bringing urine home.

However, actually, even if the mountaineers are going to use a portable toilet, since there is no bandage of a toilet booth etc., it might be difficult to use them.

It is said that it is a pioneering trial nationally to installed such facilities in mountains.
I felt that I wanted such a movement for other areas in Hokkaido to grow.
The Rishiri island is a beautiful island that seems to be floating on the sea.
Although coming to an island takes so appropriate time, I think that he would like to climb the Mt. Rishiri-Fuji again.

In addition, if you would like to get more information on the isolated islands around Hokkaido, please have a contact with my friend's KAZU at ikeda.kazuaki@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp  .

Chao !

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