Morning on the highland !

by Kazu

I was wondering if I would try the other hotels than La Vista Daisetsuzan and Bear Monte on the highland.
Hotel Deer Valley above belongs to the same resort group established in Hokkaido.
Yukoma-so on the left is also well-established hotel on the highland.
The unpaved path and the bridge to the hotel from the road seemed to invite me. The circumstances allured so many people, I think.
The building on the backside of Yukoma-so might be the accommodation for the staff of the hotel.
 This is the camping site near the hotel. There were some cabins.
A heliport was near the camping site and the helicopter carried tons of stuff to the upper station of the lift again and again.
 The hot spring spa for males and females of Bear Monte in the morning and evening.
I may prefer this type to the other.
The outside bath didn't have the stage-like object and the bath tub was bigger than the other.
Again, the URL of the hotel is

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