Relaxation in Maximum !

by Kazu

I went to the outside hot spring spa in Nukabira Kanko Hotel after dinner on that night.  The temperature outside was so comfortable with the wind from the upper side of the creek.
Bright lighting was reflected on the surface of the hot spring spa. A piece of maple leaf was floating and as if it were flying near the moon. 
Normally, two of us are one unit in my life. My wife was was on the business jaunt on that day. Watching the couple of maple leaves, I am convinced of what I needed.


Nukabira Onsen Area at night 2 !

by Kazu

Strolling around Nukabira Onsen area after bathing in the hot spring bath was so   amazing that until I felt my body losing comfy temperature, I  was eager to romping around.
 This is one of the oldest hotel in the area and the quality of the jot spring water was so healing and make me happy extremely.
The floor of the bath turned the color to black or brown because of the ingredients of the hot spring water such as sulfur and acid.


Nukabira Onsen Area in the night !

by Kazu

Main dish of the dinner on that night in Nukabira Kanko Hotel was so called "Chanchan-yaki", sauteed salmon  and veggies  flavored with fermented soy-beans paste called "miso" in Japanese.

The dessert was boiled and sweetened red beans raised in Tokachi area of Hokkaido with rice cake called "Dango". Japanese females love this sweet so much. 
After the dinner on that night, I strolled around Nukabira Onsen Area. Some hotels did not have guests on that day but I prefer the hotel such old and well-established hotels in quality onsen area to savor enough loneliness.


Dinner inWhite Town !

by Kazu

"White Town "is the name of the restaurant in Nukabira Kanko Hotel. Not so many tourists were there at dinner time. It was very calm in the restaurant.
 The amount of the food was appropriate for the dinner on that day. Grilled salmon was topped with herb and veggies such as onion, carrot and basil.
 Sashimi, sliced fresh raw fish include shrimp and squid. For the accommodation in mountainous area of Hokkaido, the freshness of the fish was superb.


Outside Hot Spring Bath in the night !

by Kazu

After the dinner, I went out of the hotel from its backside facing a creek and headed to the outside hot spring spa that I enjoyed so much in daylight.
Nobody was in the bathtub other than me. It was so precious time without caring my wife on that day.
Insects were singing their own love songs with the back ground music played by the flow of the creek. It was so nice and relaxing. The darkness of the woods gave the circumstances a twist and mysterious atmosphere.


Back to Nukabira Kanko Hotel !

by Kazu

This is the way to the outside spa of Nakamuraya Ryokanin Nukabira Onsen Area. Old items necessary for daily life of the people were displayed along the isle.
This skid was actually used and drawn by the horses in cold winter. Their lives might be tough. Our comfortable lives were developed on their efforts exerted in the hard era.
After strolling around the onsen area and spa hopping, I came back to Nokabira Kanko Hotel for dinner. Dinner with nobody might be good sometimes.


Hotel Nakamuraya in Nukabira Onsen Village !

by Kazu

Inside the Japanese inn "Nakamuraya Ryokan" in  Nukabira Onsen Area, so many things were displayed on the table and shelves. there were
A variety of fruit-flavored alcohol can be served to the guests in the inn. I've never seen a guest drinking one of the liquor there but some of them seemed to be consumed.
There were so many old items were displayed  on the old trunks and walls of the isle. Nostalgia might be the theme of the inn.

Nukabira Onsen Village 2 !

by Kazu

This is the way to the hot spring spa of another hotel in Nukabira Onsen Village. Going downstairs, simple-designed bath tub appeared in the bathroom.
On the right hand side,there was the door to the outside bath. A comfy bath tub for males and females were beside the river flow.
Listening to the sound of the water flow, I felt that all the uncomfortable substances were running out of my body and my soul was being purified in the hot spring spa.


Nukabira Onsen Village !

 by Kazu

Again, this outside spa is for both of males and females. Please abide by the manner to enjoy bathing and the sound of the creek.
 These rocks are not fake and I was wondering from where these rocks were conveyed to this premises.
This is the outside bath of the main spa of the hotel. It was comparatively small. Nowadays, it is prohibited to carry in the smart phone in the bath so please check up the rule of each spa if you would like to take photos.


The Main Hot Spring Spa of Nukabira Kanko Hotel !

by Kazu

This is the main hot spring spa of Nukabira Kanko Hotel. The same creek could be seen from the window of the inside bath. Staying for a week in the hotel is my dream, to be honest.
I was so lucky that I could enjoy the silence in the woods and the spa.Nobody was there other than me.
The design of the spa and the layout of the rocks were so nice. It was like a hidden place to ease the pain. But please be careful and watch your steps. The floor was so slippery.