SORACHI” in Hokkaido

Do you know the name of sub-prefectural area, “SORACHI” in Hokkaido?
You can see the beautiful scenery of rice field and vineyard in that area.

Only one-hour drive from Sapporo will bring you to the comfortable area to spend your weekend.
Do you like to enjoy nice wine with cheese watching the beautiful vineyard?
If you do, please visit this area with your family.
You can also enjoy weekend farming in this area with nice cottage.
If you are a sophisticated traveler and in the master level of journey, I will recommend you to visit the “curious” ruin of the coalmine in this area. You may be able to imagine the prosperity of coalmine industry of this area so many years ago.

But, first of all, please try the produce of agriculture in SORACHI with superior quality.

Have you ever heard of Numata Town where so fantastic lantern festival is held every year. I was so impressed by the crash of lantern wagons like a illusion. Believe me.
Please try the lantern festival in Numata where the top grade rice in Japan is produced.

If you are interested in this area, please give me your comment.


he is real life saver

Snow is left here and there.
I found an article on the news paper that made me relieved so much.
A car was found overturned on the riverside in Urausu Town from which an 81-year-old driver and his 3-year-old granddaughter were rescued.
They had been holding each other together with their companion dog Labrador Retriever named “Junior” that had kept them warmed up while they had been caught in the car after the accident.
They had endured below-zero cold from the night of November 15th to the morning of 16th. The municipality of Naie-Town where the grandfather lived in decided to make honorable recognition of the dog.
I think the old man and his grand-daughter felt secure with the dog above all at the night when the winter showed the cold tusk for the first time in this season.


my favorite chicken BBQ

The BIBAI YAKITORI is very famous BBQ chicken.

Most famous restaurant is Fukuyoshi,.

My favorite restaurant is TATSUMI, in front of Sorachi-Shrine.

lunch menu at TATSUMI



I am a girl who loves Hokkaido extremely.
I would like to extend my best wishes
 to all the English-speaking people living in Hokkaido.
I will introduce attractive events and places to visit in Hokkaido.  
If you could give me your comment to my blog,
I would appreciate it so much.

The old office building of Hokkaido Prefectural Government  "Red Brick" 
was built up more than 100 years ago in Sapporo
and is still beautiful even now.