Dinner Time !

 by Kazu

It was getting calm around the beautiful roses. Too bright lighting prevented the flowers from showing their shape clearly. The art produced by the ground should be savored enough every year.   

After enjoying the art of flowers, we savored the taste of plants produced by the ground. Lettuce, grilled cabbage make our bodies clean from the inside.
What a graces the ground of the globe gives us ! But honey bees are disappearing near us. It may be a bud sign for us human beings.

The Rose Garden in Sapporo City 2 !

 by Kazu

White roses were reflecting the light so much in the darkness that too much brightness made the shape vague on the photo. My photo skill was and is not good.
 The very nice aroma of the roses was drifting in the air and alluring the people walking around the garden.  Everybody in the garden was keeping quiet and savored the beauty of the flowers and their aroma.
I am remembering the nice aroma and comfy temperature in the garden while cooling down my body after bathing in the snow.


The Rose Garden in Sapporo City !

by Kazu

Have you ever visited the rose garden at the west end of Ohdohri Park in Sapporo City ? Various kinds of beautiful roses bloom in June, July, August and September.
The roses were still blooming even at night. With the light-up effect, they showed different countenances in the darkness.
Other kinds of plants were also extending their branches and leaves as if they played up the protagonists of the garden.


Raise the glasses !

by Kazu

After the speeches delivered to the audience who were drinking beer, one of the guests proposed a toast and declared the start of the binge drinking.
 Some people had already drunk so much and one of them got up to on the stage and was drugged to the backside of the stage.
The guests on the stage left the venue after the toast but the people on the venue of the event did not care about that and continued to savor a variety of Belgian beer.


Belgian Beer Weekend 3 !

 by Kazu

At the beginning of the festival "Belgian Beer Weekend 2016", many guests deliver the speech to celebrate the first event to savor enough the Belgian beer.
 Vice Governor of Hokkaido Mr. Yasuhiro TSUJI also extend the words of "Congratulations" for the opening of this event.
 But most of the guests on the ground had already started to savor the variety of Belgian beer with delicious foods.


Belgian Beer Weekend 2 !

by Kazu

The Belgian Beer Weekend was held for the first time in Sapporo City in 2016. The same kinds of festivals had been held in other cities in Japan before that but for  the first time in the city of beer.
 In case of rainfall, the small tents would be filled up with the beer lovers in and around Sapporo City.
Ms. Pascal was the MC of the event. It was a little bit cold for the beginning of summer but it did not matter. The beer lovers were filled upwith fuel of lives. 


In Sapporo !

by Kazu

Coming back from the world of the deities on the highland at the center part of Hokkaido, I had the seasonal Frappuccino in Sapporo City. It is the good place to live for us.

Belgian Beer Weekend was held in Ohdohri Park in Sapporo on that day. One hundred kinds of Belgian beer could be savored. What a happy day for the beer-lovers.


Have a rest !

by Kazu

Do you remember the hot spring foot-bath in Souunkyou Valley ? To be honest, I wanted to soak my body in the hot spring spa after trekking.
On my way back to Sapporo City, I was concerning about the event featuring my friend in Heilongjiang, China.
The next day, my friend had to introduce his home country and its culture, custom, life, tourism and language. But he did that so successfully. Yes, he did !


Bye Bye Deities !

by Kazu

I had to go back to Sapporo City to pick up my wife at Sappro Station of the Japan Railway because she would come back from her business jaunt to Tokyo.
Different from the weather over the peak of Mt. Kurodake, it was fine in the humans' world. The green hillside of the adjacent mountains was shining with the daylight. It was time to say good-bye to the deities of "Kamuimintara". My wife would be tired after the long business jaunt. 


End of Trekking 2!

by Kazu

I had been looking around the scenery far away from the hillside of Mt. Kurodake but I should look and search enough for the creatures including the plants bearing the coldness surrounded by white snow.

I took the cable car to get down to the foot of Mt. Kurodake.The weather over the mountains changes so rapidly.
My lonely trekking without my wife ended. I could not find any souvenir for my wife but I bought my wife's favorite snack instead. It was the time to goback to my condo. in Sapporo City.


End of the trekking !

by Kazu

Some back-country skiers were on the hillside of Mt. Kurodake. I was a little bit shamed my chicken heart on my way down to the ski-lift station on the hillside.
The hillside might be so nice for downhill skiing but for trekkers, it was making my thighs trembling on the white snow.
I felt I needed hot spring spa at this moment to refresh myself in order to fight the uphill battle on Monday.