Heart Blue !

by Kazu

The landscape was so nice but I had to recognized that I was loosing my hair. I was wondering if I should go to barber.
I was remembering my adolescence during taking photos of the beauty from Korea.  The word of "Young" itself means "beautiful" in that era.
I hope they were so impressed by the hospitality shown by ourselves the beauties of the landscape of Hokkaido.


Dragons back !

by Kazu

I am so sorry for an awkward photo posted above but it is the evidence I was with the beauties of Korea on that day. They seemed to be satisfied with the scenery of Cape Kamui.
As I posted before, "Kamui" means deities in the language of the indigenous people in Hokkaido called Ainu.The ocean reflected the sunshine
This is the pier of  Cape Kamui. It was like the back of a dragon and it seemed to go down to the blue ocean. The Korean beauties seemed to be so impressed and their friends gave them comments that it was like in ta fairy tale.


"Simamui Coast" of Cape Shakotan 2 !

by Kazu

I think that it is the first time for me to take Korean girls to this coast "Shimamui Kaigan". It may be the best place to take them to in summer, I thought, taking photos of the girls.
I've received Korean girls as an exchange program between Hokkaido and Korea three times. I received them in summer for the first time.
It was not so hot and wind was so comfortable on that day. The scenery of blue ocean and the cliffs was so beautiful as the Korean girls.


"Simamui Coast" of Cape Shakotan !

by Kazu

This is one of the most beautiful coast in Japan. Shimamui Kaigan is the name of this coast. You can get down to the rocky beach and sea level and dive into the ocean.
But so many tourists visit the coast and take photos of the scenery that some of adults hesitate to take off their wear and enjoy diving.
This time, I could take photos of the beauties of Korea with the landscape of blue ocean. We do not have enough time to go down the stairs to the beach but I was so satisfied with the works.


Milk !

by Kazu

This is what the beauties of Korea had been eager to savor in Hokkaido. The fresh milk and "so-called" soft-type ice cream was so nice that they said "This is the milk of my life".                                                
Have you experienced to encounter such milk in your life? I think "Yamanaka Ranch & Milk" in Akaigawa Village is very popular for tourists.
After enjoying the "Milk of our lives", we dropped by "Nikka Distillery in Yoichi Town. The beauties tried the whisky and apple juice made in the facility. Next is "Shimamui Beach" of Cape Shakotan.

So nice countenances of animals !

 by Kazu

"Mary-gold" flowers were fully blooming so nicely in the ranch. Beside the little pretty flowers, I found a big silhouette in the ranch.
 Yes, an ostrich was there and getting close to us. I thought that I have seen such face in the world of human beings.
 I can not remember the name of the person who is very similar to this creature but absolutely, the countenances was what I had seen before. The countenances of the white alpaca was also very similar to that of a person who met me before.


They were there !

by Kazu

The little horse is not for horseback riding. But a small kid may be able to ride the back albeit the small horse may have short temper despite of its pretty appearance.
 Oh, I found the beauties of Korea in front of the horse stable.The horses of normal size were for riding around the ranch.
Tourists can ride on the horseback in this area. The ladies requested fresh tasteful Hokkaido milk but unfortunately, no fresh milk could served in this area.


Where are the Kaorean Beauties 2 !

by Kazu

This is the ranch for tourists in Akaigawa Village adjacent to the Port City Otaru, Hokkaido. Horses, Vicugna pacos, so-called Alpacas and goats were demanding carrot by knocking the wall.

Some visitors were embarrassed by such requests but that might be the only way to get their food in daytime.
So many families from other parts of this globe were enjoying their encounter and the behavior of the animals. Of course, horseback riding was one of the big draw of this ranch.


Settling in !

by Kazu

I am so sorry for absence of the Korean beauties in the photos. But the original purpose of blog site is to introduce the beautiful sceneries of Hokkaido and deliver the information on Hokkaido to the expats in Hokkaido and people  in the other parts on this globe.
 After enjoying enough the scenery and the works of collaboration among a variety of objects, we joined my wife and had Japanese "Sukiyaki" and "Shabu-Shabu".
It was first time for the beauties of Korea to have raw eggs with beef, veggies and soy-beans curd boild with the soup made from soy-sauce and broth. But they seemed to be so satisfied and moved by the Japanese culinary delights. 


Where are the Korean Beauties ?

by Kazu

Besides, please do not forget the beauty of Sapporo City itself. The scenery from the peak of Mt. Moiwa was so nice with the sunshine from the west. Setting sun gave the landscape a special effects too.
 The shade of the peak was on the hillside of the mountain and the contrast of the sky, city, green of the hillside abd the vague border was so nice to see.
Depopulation and aging population are the challenges facing our society. Please live in Hokkaido as the top of tops ancesters of Korea, China and other countries decided so many decades ago.