Lighthouse on the island !

by Kazu
 This is the lighthouse on the island "Kamome-jima". Some ships were wrecked around the island. The battle ship "Kaiyo-maru" was wrecked near the island many years ago.
 These domes on the rock may be the ruins of the base for piers but I am not sure. If anybody knows about them, please post a comment.
These are not the works of alien. Absolutely, they are made of concrete. It is a pity that I can not post the photos under the water but magnificent scenery can be seen if you can dive into the ocean.


What are these domes ?!

by Kazu

Many tide pools could be seen from the trail on the island" Kamome-jima". There must be a variety of creatures in them.
This is one of the most popular fishing point and so huge halibut can be landed around this area, based on the talk of a big-mouth in the town.
While I walked around on the island, I found curious rocks on the flat area on the island. What do you think of the "objects" on the rocks ?


Entrance to the ocean !

by Kazu

It seemed to easy for divers to enter the  ocean from this point of the island. So many clams and balanomorpha
were there.
So steep cliffs were here and there on the island but the size was not so huge and the appearance was like a small garden.  
If you find the appropriate back ground music for this scenery, please provide me with the right title of the song or tune. A small adventure may be arranged on this island !


Invited to the ocean !

 by Kazu

 It seemed that this place was a good entry point to dive into the ocean. I've never tried to enter from this place but I will try to do that in not-so-distanced future.
This lower place of the island would be covered with salt water soon after that. The time to go around the island was so limited.
The sea level was going up rapidly. The creature on the rock was being covered with salt water again. I had to go back to the higher part of the island.


Why is the ocean so blue ?

by Kazu

You may know that northern ocean is  not so blue even if the sky gives its color to the ocean. It's rather dark green reflecting the color of spruce leaves.
But the ocean on the west side of Oshima Peninsula is not so fertile because the short rivers can not provide enough nutrition and minerals.
The fallen leaves can not be dissolved enough in the short journey in the river. Because of that, the seabed of the ocean on the west side of the peninsula can not raise seaweed enough and only calcium compiles on the rocks under the water.


Under the cliff of the island !

by Kazu

Can you imagine the scenery under the water around the island "Kamome-jima". The west side of the island has a seep cliff under the water where many big flatfish exists.  
The seasonal wind from the northwest have carved the place for a long time. It seems that some people made fire on the rock.
 So many anglers visit this area and enjoy fishing every day. Actually a few anglers greeted me on that day to collect information for fishing.


Carved island !

by Kazu

The lower part of the island "Kamome-jima" is barren and made of rocks and sand. With salty winds from northwest do not allow plants to take roots.
 The hard part of the lower area was left but it is still carved with the winds and waves.
You can find so many round tide o\pools on the island. Rocks in the pool carved the hole by going around in the hole.


Fine view from Kamome-jima" !

by Kazu

From the southern wing of the island "Kamome-jima" which means the island of seagull. So many herrings swamped offshore of the town before.
 The shallow area near the beach was colored white with the sperm of herrings every spring until about a hundred years ago.
The comparatively flat area of the island is called "Senjo-jiki" that means so wide space in Japanese. Many tide pools are there on the area.


The island linked to the bigger island !

by Kazu

The island "Kamome-jima"
is connected with the old town of Esashi by this narrow sand beach reinforced with ferro-concrete. The island continued to be carved by the winds and waves.

The hard part of the island is left but the waves and the winds from northwest hit the surface of the island again and again.
As time goes by, this scenery will change but i am wondering this photo will continue to exist in the cyber space for good or not.


Is this a kind of gardening ?

by Kazu

It can be said that the island "Kamomejima" is the only place from where the island Hokkaido can be seen from this higher and closer angle than from the ships offshore.
Walking on the island is so comfortable but in winter, almost nobody goes to the island except for figures like me.
The trail seemed to be well-maintained. From the top of the cliff, the seabed and some artificial crafts could be seen from there. The blue color of the ocean was so beautiful but it is because of lack of nutrition and mineral in the area.