Autumn in Sapporo !

by Kazu

Before the world is conquered by white snow, the autumnal foliage colored the world and let us enjoy the scenery.
 Each tree has its sense of art and good season as well as not-so-good season. Sometimes the leaves shrink and do not show the autumnal beauty.
Yes, even the trees have the slump but these trees are colored so nice this year as usual. The trees on the premises of Hokkaido University are attracting so many citizens and tourists now. The gift of deities should be appreciated.


On the road 2 !

by Kazu

This is at the foot of Mt. Komagatake and Takatou Area thhat is so famous with the scenery of cherry blossoms could be seen from there clearly.
The paddy fields and veggie fields composed the scenery of the city. This is the place so many celebrities were born.  
 It was so cloudy on that day but the skyline could be seen and my favorite landscape excited me so much albeit I visited there to take part in the funeral service.

On the road !

by Kazu

It was so nice to run around the hotel I stayed in Komagane City, Nagano Prefecture.
I went up to the foot of the Mt. Komagatake.
So many descendants of the citizens in Nagano Prefecture went up to the north and settled in Hokkaido Island.  
One of the roots of those descendants might be from here.
The climate is like that of Hokkaido but the intangible rules exist in each community that varies and is different  from each other. Which do you like better ?


Bright Sky and Forest in the morning !

by Kazu

It's was a beautiful day ! So nice, so shining with the bright color of the autumnal foliage of my hometown.
 The sleepy hollow was filled up with the exhalation of spruces. The aroma of spruces.The red color of the maple trees added a twist to the scenery.
It was so nice to stroll in the forest early in the morning. The refreshing aroma of spruce stimulated my gray matter. Something came to my mind at that time.


Sapporo City in the morning !

 by Kazu

I chose to jog around the down town of Sapporo City in the morning on that day. The TV Tower of Sapporo City was standing still and seemed to be sleeping.
 The lawn of Odori Park was brighter by the sunshine than the shade. The flowers were still blooming in the cold air.
 The park is well-trimmed always by the municipality of Sapporo. It will be swamped by the citizens and tourists soon on such beautiful a day.


At the beginning of autumn !

 by Kazu

Don't you think that I posted the photos of the cherry blossoms blooming on the premises of Hokkaido University as I did the day before ?
This is the beautiful autumnal foliage on our way to the railway station from our condo. Please keep yourself warm and take care !


Spring in Sapporo City !

by Kazu

It might have not been known that the premises of Hokkaido University is filled up with the beauty of spring every year. The pink color of cherry blossoms may be the award who got over the winter followed by the season of lives.
 A variety of pink colors penetrate our mind so smoothly and nicely every year. Giving us the power of life, they bloom without giving birth to the next generation.
 I may be able to become such existence in this world. Just blooming and leaving nothing tangible, I may be remembered by my fellows.


Azalea in spring !

by Kazu

I wonder why the beautiful flowers can make the color every year. It is not made of metal nor artificial chemicals. This vivid color inspires us so much on the premises of Hokkaido University every spring .
Japanese apricot also bloom at the beginning of spring but the color varies each tree by each such as . white, bright or dark pink and so forth.
I have not seen the bees taking care the flowers nowadays. I might have not seen the fruits of the trees neither.
Something might have been changed albeit most of us has not recognized yet.


Remembering the spring !

by Kazu

I am back from Hawaii mission. Soon we are filled up with the beautiful color of autumnal foliage in our mind and cold white winter will conquer our island. Before that, shall we remember the beauty of spring ?
 This beautiful pink color without green leaves makes us thank God for letting us got over cold winter. Filled up with vim and vigor, we recharge our batteries before hot summer.


The entrance of the trail to the peak !

by Kazu

I got to know that the forest on the hillside of Mt. Maruyama had been designated as the national natural heritage.  I was so impressed by the artistic shapes of the trees.
 The trunks of withered trees seemed to have given a special twist to the scenery of the forest. The light gray color and the holes on the surface of the trunks was so flamboyant in the forest.
 A clean water flow and its sound may give the second wing even after the trekking on the mountain. It is so cold and transparent. Would you tried to be refreshed by the water flow ?


Wild forest !

 by Kazu

I thought that the forest was well-trimmed by the municipality of Sapporo but basically, the forest on the hillside of Mt. Maruyama is wild forest.
That ma be why such artistic shape was made up.
The concept of the shape seemed to be "Freedom". They seemed to have been expanding their branches to get enouhg sunshine on the leaves, competing each other.
 They seemed to be  performing freely under the blue sky. They were filled with vim and vigor. Needless to say, the trees will wear green leaves like flame in a month. Yes, it is the real art of the nature.